The Unity Of The Gospel

We received the following report from a group of missionary-minded brothers and sisters in Yaoundé, Cameroon. We would like to point out that eleven churches came together in the unity of the Gospel, and you will read about the results!

Brotherly greetings to all the saints,

Recently an evangelization campaign took place in the district of Yaoundé VII at the place called Carrefour Nkolbisson from 10 am to 8 pm.

This event was attended by many brothers and sisters from eleven churches in the city of Yaoundé and its surroundings.

The evangelization format chosen was the distribution of tracts, flyers, listening to tapes, and video projection of the Prophet William Branham.

From 10:00 am, after settling in, the brothers and sisters were divided into several teams and began to crisscross the alleyways distributing tracts, flyers, and inviting people they met to come and listen to the Voice of God under the tent during the day, and also informing them of the video projection in the evening.

Two tapes were played:

  • The Voice of God In These Last Days 63-0120M, in the morning
  • God's Provided Way For Today 64-0206E, in the afternoon.

Also on the spot, the on-call team was distributing flyers and booklets with the people in charge of the VGR office in Yaoundé. Those who wanted the tapes received them from the technical team in place.

In the evening, at the campaign site, the worship and introduction of the prophet preceded the video projection.

The first video projected was "The 20th Century Prophet" followed by "The Deep Calleth to the Deep."

These two videos had the expected impact with about 15 people who responded to the altar call, not counting those who during the day requested interviews with God's servants. All of them met with the servants who were present, and baptisms are taking place in different churches in the city.

The Voice of the Seventh Angel resounded in this popular neighborhood to the extent that days afterwards, the VGR library in Yaoundé continues to receive calls for various requests.

May God bless you!

Brother Fabrice Martial Yakam and the brothers and sisters of Yaoundé, Cameroon



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