Them old rock and rolls, and boogly-woogly, and every that kind of stuff, it's a disgrace. It makes me so nervous, you can't eat. I-I-I don't mind it myself, 'cause I got a little gear I can pull myself in and just keep thinking about God, and I don't hear it at all.

60-0713 Blind Bartimaeus

As we all know, one of the biggest temptations for today's youth is wordly music. Sometimes all they need is a little reminder that God is always watching, and if we would only listen, He will provide exactly what we need. This young brother recognized that reminder when his phone reacted in an unexpected way.

I want to share an amazing thing that the Lord has done for me. This evening, on my way to the house of Brother Jeremiah, I was learning how to use Google Assistant on my phone. I've tried to call, text, search, and command by the use of the Google Assistant.

When I arrived at Brother Jeremiah's house, I continued using my Google Assistant because I was amazed by this app. Later, Brother Michael Angelo (Brother Jeremiah's son) tried the app too, then he commanded the app to sing. Then the app sang a song. I'm not sure what it was, but it was a worldly type of song. I was amazed and I tried to use that on my phone, but it didn't sing.

I tried and tried, but still it didn't work, so I set my phone aside because we were going to eat our supper. After we ate, I tried again to command the app to sing a song. After several times of trying, suddenly the google assistant opened the google music, and then it played "Only Believe" sung by Brother Branham!


It really shocked and amazed me that after all that, it chose to play that song! I know our Lord Jesus doesn't want me to listen to the worldly music, but only listen to the right things and things that uplift me. He reminds me to always look and listen JUST TO HIM.

He just wants me to leave all the things of the world and follow His Leadership, and this was another reminder for me.

May this be a blessing to you.

God bless you!

Bro. John Paul Caballero, 19


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