Jesus Christ The Healer

4 Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

Isaiah 53:4-5

It’s a long testimony, but it will be worth your while to read it. We received the following email from a young brother in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who made some mistakes in life, but the Lord had mercy.

Dear Bride of Christ, I would like to tell you about what the Lord Jesus Christ has done in my life.

I live in the Democratic Republic Of Congo. I was born in the Message, because my father and mother believe in the end-time Message. So, because of this, I had had the opportunity to attend Sunday school in my early years, and to live in a Christian family atmosphere. I had not yet accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in my life, because I lived in the world and still loved the things of the world despite my belief.

When I was 17 years old, I was studying to get my bachelor's degree. It was then that I was struck by a venereal disease. I knew that it was time for me to go back to the sheepfold, and that it was God who was looking for me. He wanted me to separate myself from the world and things from the world. So I decided to part with these things.

The disease had shaken my life so much. It shattered my heart to such an extent that I had no peace of my own, and gave me great physical pain. So I decided to talk to Dad about it, and Dad sent me to a pharmacist who gave me antibiotics. But to no avail.

As my condition worsened, Dad decided to go with me to see the doctor, and he prescribed injections. The pain subsided some, but not the germs. One day, as I was thinking about the source of this disease, suddenly I heard an internal voice, as soft as possible. It said to me, “Get a grip on yourself, for the day when you will put yourself in order with My Word, I will heal you and restore your body.” So I saw fit to take things seriously, and that's when I started to feel God's thirst in my heart.

Get a grip on yourself, for the day when you will put yourself in order with My Word, I will heal you and restore your body.”

Dad asked me if I was feeling better and how was my condition. I told him that everything was over, and that I was healthy, when in fact I knew I wasn't. Four months later, we left the area where we lived and went to a small town, 120 km away. I was still suffering and no one knew. The only thing I was doing was still clinging to His Word, despite my such little faith.

One Sunday, while my pastor was preaching on "Souls That Are In Prison Now," I became afraid and decided to ask for baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Dear brothers and sisters, it was then that Satan spit all the venoms of his anger at me. Had it not been for God's grace, I do not know if I would have survived.

The door of my life opened to the various temptations that strongly hit me. Satan inspired painful thoughts, to the point that sometimes I would collapse into tears when I thought about my future life. I had no hope for the future. Being discouraged and desperate, then came such a sweet inner voice that comforted me and said, "Do not worry, my son, this disease will not kill you, only go forward." So I answered in my heart, "Father, I know that I have not yet arrived where You want me to be, but by Your mercy, I will one day arrive where Your perfect Will wants me to be."

"Do not worry, my son, this disease will not kill you, only go forward."

That voice gave me courage and I was always moving forward, despite the difficulties. I began to read the Message books and prayed more and more. All the promises of God were before my eyes, in particular that of John 15:7 who said, "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you." And when I approached God through prayer to ask for my healing, I felt a condemnation of myself, for my life did not bear witness to the life of a true Christian, and I did not yet remain entirely in His Word. What I had to do at that time was just to keep moving forward until I would be worthy to ask for it, and see His promise fulfilled in my life. This disease had now been tormenting me for two years.

One day, when I was so abused by the devil Satan, I decided to tell Dad that I was not really cured. Dad was surprised and desperate, because I hadn't told him the truth about my illness. He told me that this disease is severe, and that with the time it was in my body without being treated, it could make me sterile. So he took me to one of his colleagues who examined and treated me for a week, but in vain. He said that this disease had become chronic, and that good treatment should have been given. So I regretted making that big mistake, not telling Dad the truth when he asked me, and telling him that I felt healed.

We are a poor family, made up of three boys and three girls. It was Dad who struggled to support the family, but he was poisoned and the effects of this poison had almost taken his strength. It was also Mom who struggled, running her small business to support the family.

All the expenses made it so difficult to find enough money for me to go to a good hospital and receive good treatment for my illness. One day, when I was paid for some work and Dad saw fit to add a little bit to the sum he had received from the sale of our goat, I went to a good hospital for an examination. After the examinations, the doctor prescribed that I go to buy a drug that cost $20. And that if I was treated with this antibiotic, I should recover quickly. I did everything he had asked me to do, and had been treated, but in vain. A nurse told me that curing my illness would cost me a lot of money, and that there was evidence of sterility in my body. So there it was, all these statements broke my heart more and more. I didn't know what to do, but the Lord never stopped advising me day and night when everything seemed to go wrong in my life.

I was 19 years old when I graduated from high school and decided to go and help Mom where she did business. The place is 150 km from where we live. It was difficult to attend a church of our faith due to its long distance. So I decided to equip myself with some audio preaching from Brother Branham and sermon books to stay with the Word of God. Sometimes I would retire alone in the forest to pray, and beg for the grace and mercy of the Lord. Doing this, my faith grew little by little.

Since I was still suffering, and since my mother perhaps believed that God, through His kindness, would heal me through natural medicine, I had been subjected to treatments for almost three years. But in vain. Then I simply whispered in my heart, "God will heal me, and He will give me children." Despite the failure of natural medicine, I had not stopped placing my trust in the Lord. I always continued to listen to the sermons, and sometimes I read the various testimonies of healing on branham.org, what God did for others. It encouraged me, and I thought that God would heal me as well.

Then I simply whispered in my heart, "God will heal me, and He will give me children."

On 30/06/2017, when I was hired by a security company as a security guard, they posted me to watch over an uninhabited house. It was wonderful for me because, over time, I realized that it was very much God's perfect will, because I enjoyed my Quiet Time almost every day. I read and listened to Brother Branham's audio sermons. Sometimes I knelt, my hands raised, when Brother Branham prayed. My faith grew and became stronger and stronger. The amazing thing was that every sermon I listened to corresponded so perfectly to the stage of life I went through, and that God listened and favored my spiritual needs more than my carnal needs.

Then one evening, I listened to the sermon "Works Is Faith Expressed." I felt that I was wrong about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit; I had not yet received the true Holy Spirit from God. As Brother Branham asked people who wanted to receive the Holy Spirit and begin a new Christian experience with God to raise their hands, not only had I raised mine, but I had also knelt down for Brother Branham to pray for me. From that moment on, there was a real change in my life. After this experience, I felt such a painful thirst for the living God in my soul. I wanted to meet a living God and have a true experience with Him. I had more appetite to listen to Brother Branham, and only His voice quenched the painful thirst I had. The illness always bothered me, so much so that when Brother Branham prayed for me, I also asked for my healing. I continued to listen to Brother Branham's voice and felt so happy, because it had become the only authentic Spiritual Food for my soul.

One day, I was exploring the app that I played Brother Branham on my Android device, and Satan took this opportunity to destroy it. I took it to a repairman, but there was no way. I realized that I had lost the instrument that helped me to listen to my Spiritual Food. It bothered me so deeply that I had no money to get another Android device. So that same night, I put my phone on the ground in front of me, and knelt down and prayed to God, saying, "Father, You know I always used this phone to listen to Your Word. I ask you, Father, don’t allow my phone to perish.”

"Father, You know I always used this phone to listen to Your Word. I ask you, Father, don’t allow my phone to perish.”

I finished and believed. In the morning, I picked up my phone and headed to another repairman. We did all the repair methods and nothing worked. I was doing the last one, and the phone turned on and returned to normal. But I had lost all my preaching. First I thanked the Lord for listening to my prayer. Then I remembered a preaching I had heard before, where Brother Branham had said that when a son of God wants to receive a blessing from God, that's when Satan comes to take it away. So I took courage and downloaded another 55 sermons for the Food of my soul and started listening to them.

On 19/10/2017, while listening to the preaching: "I Have Heard, But Now I See," I really saw, spiritually speaking. Then Brother Branham prayed for the sick.

... Are you feeling better tonight, boy, better than last night? Is it subsiding? It's fine now, you're going to recover (yes). He was here last night, banging his head and everything else; now he looks like a gentleman tonight. See? See? Some things were not quite clear to him, but everything is now settled. See? See? It will be fine. See? See? "In that day, the Son of Man will be revealed, you see, just before Sodom was burned." 223 "My ear had heard of You, now my eye has seen You…

Then we know that this is true; and you say that you believe in Him, and you have laid your hands on one another. If your hands are laid on top of each other, the same Son of God who is here to do this before your eyes, this same Son is here to say: "They will be healed!" "I have heard that He said: 'If the believers lay hands on them, they will be healed. My ear has heard about it, now make my eyes see it. He promised to do it."

The statement about a boy caught my attention. I believed so deeply in my heart. Brother Branham said to lay hands on one another. I was alone, so I placed my right hand on my left leg. And when he said to pray with him, I started praying. Dear brothers and sisters, I felt an unusual virtue coming upon me, and I cried out "oh! I am healed, God has healed me!” Once the prayer was finished, all doubts fled, and I was healed at that moment. For after that, Brother Branham said,

Now, do you think you have received what you asked for? Is there anything in your heart that tells you that? Do you feel that little bit of inspiration that says, "Well, it's over! It's over!"? 229 God's commandment had said that our ear could hear it, now our eye can see it. Job said, "My ear had heard of You, but now my eyes have seen You."

That's it, thank you Lord for healing me. And I got up and started praising the Lord for my healing, a total deliverance. May God be praised forever and may He keep me during all of my days on this earth in His Word.

Dear Blessed Bride of Christ, this is the end of my testimony. The letter may not respect the grammatical rules, but I am happy to testify to it, for this is what the Lord God has done for me.

Bless you.

Your brother in Christ,

Joseph Kaimbale

Democratic Republic Of Congo

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