Ivory Coast Report

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!

Isaiah 52:7

Each month, VGR offices around the world send in reports detailing distribution efforts, inventory needs, and other pertinent information in order to better serve the Bride of Christ in their country.

Here is one of those reports from Brother Eric Samu, VGR manager in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. His January report gives a little insight into some of the recent distribution work taking place in the West Africa country with a population of just over 20 million people. We estimate there are around 500 Message churches and 24,000 thousand believers there.

Once in a while, we read the news to see what is going on locally in our country and in the world. We are so grateful to the Lord, the Master of the harvest, to have granted us this wonderful website of Voice of God Recordings. This is where we can share our testimonies, the good news of the Kingdom, with our beloved brothers and sisters around the world!

We have thus the privilege to present you this missionary report. This is to follow-up with another report we sent recently, being about the Father’s Business, concerning the distribution of SD cards in Ivory Coast, West Africa. In this report, we mentioned the enthusiasm and the joy that the believers manifested when they received the SD cards.

By the grace of God, we received last month a second package of 500 SD cards from our office in Kinshasa. They were intended to some five hundred churches located in Abidjan and the provinces nearby.

In these circumstances, we undertook our trip to Divo for our distribution project. Divo is a city in Ivory Coast; it is an administrative centre and both a prefecture and a department. The Djiboua people originally were living there, and they speak a language called Dida. The population of Divo is estimated to 387,000 people.

On our way to Divo, we stopped in Bossoukro and N’douci where brothers and sisters were very happy to receive their SD cards. We will not forget the warm and genuine welcome and the joy we received in N’douci where there is a small church of twenty people, but a church who left us with such a good impression. The brothers manifested a great joy when they received their SD cards.

We also went to Grand-Bassam to distribute SD cards to the brothers and sisters living in this part of the country. Grand-Bassam is an historic city and a former capital of Ivory Coast from 1893 to 1900. It is located at 43 km (27 miles) from Abidjan, it is the administrative centre for the department of Grand-Bassam in the region of Sud-Comoé. In Grand-Bassam, we met two pastors with the brothers and sisters.

During the holiday’s season, we visited the village of Saykro. This village is located in the prefecture of Noé. Noé is located in the southeast of Ivory Coast and belongs to the department of Adiaké, also in the region of Sud-Comoé, and is an administrative centre. In this village, we distributed SD cards containing the Message. Other believers from places like Aboisso and Maféré joined us and were able to receive each one a SD card.

Last Sunday, we visited a church in a suburb of Abidjan where there were brothers and sisters from Divo and Soubre. We distributed SD cards to forty people. Everybody was happy and joyful; they were really thankful for this precious gift coming from Voice of God Recordings.

In closing, we can testify that everywhere we went to distribute the SD cards, people expressed their satisfaction and were really blessed. Some thought it was a great tool for evangelization. People were grateful and asked God to bless Voice of God, as well as all those who make such sacrfices to make this possible, for all the efforts they made for the distribution of the revealed Word for our time. The team has received encouraging messages for the work here in the Ivory Coast.

May God richly bless you!

Brother Eric Samu and the VGR Abidjan office


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