Bank Of Heaven

You stay right on the Word. And that Word is Life. And every time you receive the Word, you receive Life. Take It into your heart and believe It as your own possession. Every promise is yours. God gave you a checkbook, when you received the Holy Ghost with Jesus’ Name wrote at the bottom of it, for whatsoever you desire. Are you afraid to fill it out?

“Ask what you will in My Name, God will give it to you.” I like that. Oh, my, stand there with just unadulterated faith. Ask and believe, and it shall come to pass. That's the way to do it.

60-0712 Hear Ye Him

In February 2014, the local Nigerian churches, with VGR representative Andrew Alasa, held a meeting to come together and determine how they might better serve the Bride in Nigeria. The greatest need for a new office, where the Message material could be stored and disitributed. From February to August 2014, the churches went into action, banding together to help with the funding of the construction of a new VGR office building.

The saints in Nigeria have been enjoying their beautiful storehouse since last fall. Brother Alasa sends us a testimony of how a request to our Lord Jesus was not forgotten, and shows that we may forget even our own requests, but take comfort, He remembers each and every one of our pleas. Hold on to that request, and be assured that our Lord Jesus hasn’t forgotten about it. Not only is this an inspiring testimony of the never-failing memory of God, but it is also a powerful demonstration of what happens when the Bride comes together in unity. 

As the years were rolling on with astronomical rent increases, it was very evident that an office of our own, to be fully owned by VGR for the work in Nigeria and beyond, was a major need. But how this was going to be achieved, and who was going to finance it when and where it was going to be located, were great questions that were begging for answers. It was clear that except the Lord provides Himself this office, the challenge of getting this done would not be easy.

During this period of looking up to the Lord, I decided to fill out a prayer check that I had and slipped it into my Bible that I had in the office. The years passed by and I forgot about it. But somehow, the Lord moved on the scene in 2013, when we were given a quit notice by the landlord of the office property.

After much negotiation, with the possibility of getting another property to hire being a high investment to make, I decided to negotiate for a rent increase for one year and a half with a caveat that we would have been able to build our own office at the expiration of the new increased rent by February 2015. The owners accepted the deal through the estate agents that were managing the property for them.

By February 8, 2014, a meeting of the ALL the churches in Nigeria was approved by Brother Joseph to discuss the work and also a building project. The attendance was quite impressive with over five hundred pastors and ministers attending. The result? A building project was unanimously agreed upon. And contributions started on the spot by the brothers who felt we would NOT have to be so humiliated by the landlords anymore.

By February 15, 2014, a church, Grace and Truth Tabernacle, (Ministry of Reconciliation) that was pastored by Brother John Ogu before he went to be with the Lord in 2013, graciously donated about four and a half plots of land for the office building. This was an outstanding miracle from the Lord and quite unexpected from one single church.

We commenced construction with a foundation laying ceremony for October 25, 2014. This gathering witnessed over six hundred believers made up of brothers and sisters. They all defied the heavy rains that started as we were about to begin the event; it was a joyous event.

By June 2015, we moved into the beautiful building. This was a record time construction, and now we are happily in our own VGR office building. Many churches and individuals have donated beyond what I ever thought could be done.

Just as December was ending, I was speaking with some believers about the building in the office, and I picked up my Bible and surprising opened it up and the CHECK CAME OUT! I did not know whether to scream and we were all surprised. I honestly did not remember that this was written some years back and slipped inside. I believe the Lord just wanted us to see that we have CASHED THAT CHECK.

He sure answers prayers. To Him be all glory. Amen.

Brother Andrew Alasa

VGR Nigeria