Driving Down The Stake

23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

Mark 9:23

A man, one time, was trying to seek God. And every time he'd say, “I'm saved,” the devil say, “No, you're not.” One day he drove down a stake. He said, “Satan, from this on, I'll point to this stake. This is the place where I met God's requirements, right here.”

You drive your stake down, right beside of your seat, this afternoon, saying, “Satan, right here is where every doubt is going to lay. And I'm going to fly away with Him, this afternoon. I'm going to accept exactly what He told me I could do.”

60-0403 As The Eagle Stirreth

We often hear Brother Branham say that if Jesus was standing here in flesh, He couldn’t do more than He has already done. It’s our confession that drives the stake of faith into the depths of our hearts. Your healing may not be instant, but be assured that His promises cannot fail.

I would like to share the testimony of my healing. November 2014, I got a lot of odd symptoms, along with tingling of the skin like I had a fever, but I wasn't sick. I was experiencing pain in the muscles in my arms and legs, along with joint pain for no reason. I went from normal to almost crippled in a couple of weeks. These were menopausal symptoms, though the blood test came up negative. I would also suffer with extreme exhaustion, as I would end up in bed from lunchtime until dinnertime every day for weeks on end. I couldn't handle weather changes, as the cold and humidity would hurt.  

In January 2015, I saw a doctor and had a lot of blood tests done, which came back with anti-nuclear antibodies. They thought I had lupus, but every other test they did came back with nothing. I was sent to a rheumatologist in Perth, Western Australia, in March and he said it wasn't lupus, but fibromyalgia (my way to describe it is like a muscular arthritis).

He put me on magnesium and a low dose of an antidepressant, which is supposed to help with nerve pain. There is no medication that will help to get rid of this disease. The medication they give just numbs the pain. They told me that I would have it for the rest of my life, and to learn to live with it.

I saw the doctor again in June, and he changed my medication, as I was getting side effects from the original one (bad nightmares, dizzy spells, passed out on my floor at midnight, etc.) This helped as I was no longer in bed every afternoon and I was able to function, but I didn't feel right about taking the antidepressant and I didn't feel like "me."

I decided In October, last year, that I needed to come off the medication, so I spoke to the rheumatologist and he was happy enough for me to come off them, but he gave me another script in case I changed my mind. That was a Monday. The night before I had asked the family to pray for me and I claimed my healing; I drove down that stake. ...I knew I was healed! Tues-Saturday following, I was very ill, withdrawals are horrid things, and that was only half the dose!

My husband was working away and I wasn't coping very well, so I stayed on my nighttime dose of antidepressants until he was home for the weekend, then I came off the second dose thinking I was going to be suffering withdrawals again, BUT prayer is a wonderful thing! I didn't suffer one withdrawal this time, and I am fully off the medication, no pains. I am back to normal!

I went, in one day, from barely being able to do normal housework (like sweep the floor, hang the washing, or make the beds), to mowing my lawn without a struggle, along with taking the kids for walks and living a normal life!

Thank you Lord!

Sarah Kuchel

Western Australia