Creations In Ghana

We received the following report from a church in Ghana that is using what they are seeing from the Jeffersonville Creations team for their own young people.

Greetings in the lovely name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

What a blessing to be a part of His Bride in this end time. Being able to witness with our eyes what God is doing around the world amongst believers, truly the truth is marching on. How we remember these powerful words of the prophet.

But you can also see the raptured Church making Herself ready. It’s a great scene. You can see the Presence of God vindicating and making the great drama that’s foretold here in this Bible, to act itself out. What a time to live, the most glorious time!

63-1124e - "Three Kinds Of Believers"

By the grace of God, we caught the Vision and have been busy and so excited lately implementing our first Creations activity on “The Stature Of A Perfect Man”.

The activity was on the 25th of January. We started at 2:00 pm. After an opening prayer, about 25 youths were taken through hymns. The purpose of the gathering was to introduce them to attributes that makes a believer perfect before their Creator. Bible characters such as Job and Joseph were presented to them as perfect men and the young soldiers were inspired to aspire as them. They quoted some qualities a believer must possess to become perfect.

Furthermore, they were drilled on the stature of a perfect man as taught by the prophet. Each step, beginning from faith was explained using real-life situations and examples from the Bible.

To have a mental picture, each kid was given materials (drawing book, pencil, color, eraser, ruler, etc.) and was guided through drawing the pyramid and coloring it as directed by their instructors, based off the Creations PDF “The Stature Of A Perfect Man”.

The youths were now by the end of the activity able to mention the various steps in the diagram and explain the various levels. They promised to live lives as Joseph in the Bible. The lesson came to a conclusion by 4:00 PM after singing some hymns and a closing prayer.

We are thankful to the Lord for VGR and how inspiring are their websites and work to us. We give God continually praises for the leading of The Holy Spirit in Brother Joseph’s life, his leadership and His deep concern for the Bride.

We certainly want to thank each and every one of you for your wonderful co-operation, for all that you have done for us, giving us your faith, and your…all that you have done. We appreciate it from the depths of our heart. Only Eternity will tell how that we appreciate. 54-0404E - God Has A Provided Way

Please find attached some pictures,

Your Brothers In Christ from Ghana