The Capstone Is Love

So the great thing that we’re after for any revival, is to bring lost souls to Christ first; revive the church back into a spiritual condition, to where it should be, close communion with God; bring fellowship among the churches, third; and fourth, pray for the sick. That’s—that’s our aim, our try, is sinners first, fellowship and—with the churches, and a close walk with the church to God, and then pray for the sick.

59-1123 - "Speak To This Mountain"

Our Lord Jesus said, “judge not, that ye be not judged.” As believers of Brother Branham’s Message, we all know the role of the Catholic Church and the influence that she has among the denominations. She is no more than the Mother of Harlots spoken of in Revelation 17.

However, there are over a billion people in that church, and each one of them has a soul that is worth ten thousand worlds. If we could do something to get them to rely on the Lord Jesus, rather than their church, then we have laid a solid foundation. After that, we can trust that God will give the increase. How do we do this? Brother Branham said, “The most powerful weapon there is in the world is love.” We need to always show love.

This sister had the right attitude toward the people in the Catholic congregation when he showed them the Capstone: Love. And it made a difference! 

The Lord Jesus took my father Home on November 28. On December 4, my father's family, who are devout Catholics, invited me to participate in a Mass dedicated to my father. They asked me to sing during the service, and I agreed to go. Many of my evangelical relatives found it absurd for me to accept this invitation, but I did! I understood that this was the way that my aunts knew to express their love for my father. They were expressing how much they loved him.

I listened to the entire Mass, and then the priest, a very kind gentleman, asked me to go to the altar. Then the priest said to me, “Welcome in our midst! Feel free to speak and sing whatever you want.” I sang a praise called Terra Feliz: “I see a Happy Land, where I will live forever…” But before I sang, I said that I would like to thank my aunts and the priest for expressing love for my father, and I understood that Mass was their expression of love.

The priest said he admired how sincere my family is in their faith. He said that he believes my father was saved by the Grace of God, and not by the works he did (contrary to Catholic doctrine). I said I was happy to be invited by them to sing. I said several sincere words that came from my heart, and I noticed that all the faithful and the priest were crying, wiping away tears.

After I finished singing, the priest asked me for a hug (he is an 80 year old man). I let him give me that hug. When he hugged me, he said crying, “Young lady, this is the first time that I’ve felt loved by someone from your faith. Your words were so sincere, and your music brought a special atmosphere within this church. It brought peace and joy to us. It doesn't seem that you lost someone you love. You have so much peace!"

And he repeated those words on the microphone for the whole church to hear. After all this, all the members made a giant line to greet me. Everyone was crying in that line. I heard many wonderful words. Many asked me where I attend church and more about my doctrine. Everyone said that they never felt that special atmosphere in that church as it was in that Mass. I want to live this every day in 2020! May God help me!

Geisa Helena Alves de Lima