The Little Things

Now, I appreciate your thoughts that Christ answers prayer. If you haven't got your handkerchief here, just write me at Jeffersonville, Indiana. Now, I'm not trying to get your address. I have a hard time paying secretaries and things to answer the letter. I have no programs, and nothing to sponsor, nothing at all, don't ask for a penny, you don't have to send a penny. Sometimes they do to pay the postage. We send thousands times thousands and thousands around the world annually. So now, and there's a prayer cloth that comes, a little ribbon that I prayed over myself. Now, if it was my child that was sick, I'd want somebody I had confidence in to send it. Now, secretary makes up the letter, but I pray over the cloth. That's exactly right. And now, if you want one, and... (Thank you brother...?...) If you don't... If you don't have need for one right now, send and get it, put it in your Bible on Acts 19. If anything happens, take that and lay it on the patient. If time would permit, it'd be hair raising experiences I could tell you that's happened. Now, let us pray for these here now.

59-0424E Hear Ye Him

We received this email from a brother in Australia who is thankful that God still honors His Word, and can use the healing of an animal to witness to his family.

I just went and prayed for my sister-in-law's horse the other day who tore its leg badly in some wire fencing. She was greatly distressed, as the vet gave it 48 hours to show signs of improvement, or else it would need to be put down.

She loves that horse. My sister-in-law is Pentecostal by denomination and her husband is a minister, but she was blown away that we would come and pray for her horse. I held the prayer cloth in one hand on the horse's head, while she rested her chin in my other hand as I prayed for her. While praying the horse nestled her head onto my chest and the sweet Presence of the Holy Spirit was there to heal the horse.

The vet came by the next day, took off the bandages, examined the injury and said the horse will be ok. We praise God! We're praying these little things the Holy Spirit is doing will be a witness and a testimony to my sister-in-law that Christ still lives.

God bless you!

Brother Simon Cullinan


Brother Simon later wrote to us:

I was able to speak to my sister-in-law and told her about the sister's testimony on the VGR webpage, the mother opossum and Brother Branham. We're also going to give her the story book regarding the same.

In conversation, she told us at the time of the injury the vet gave the horse a 10% chance of recovery. Now she informs us that the horse is running again, which surprised her. She is really happy to see what the Lord has done as the horse's leg is healing fine.