Malawi Relief Update

The second distribution trip in Malawi took place over the weekend. We continue to be in close contact with Brother Saidi, VGR office manager in Blantyre, as he reaches our brothers and sisters with many of the basic necessities they desperately need. Brother Saidi and a construction team have started building houses for the believers who lost everything. A typical rural African house usually takes about three weeks to complete, but we hope to have the first 20 finished within two weeks. Our main concern is to get them out of the refugee camps, where diseases such as cholera and typhoid could start to take hold. Many of the believers have moved to temporary shelters where their new houses are being constructed. 

Clean water is also a primary concern. Along with food and blankets, we purchased a number of large buckets where they can treat their water with chemicals we are providing. Dirty water can lead to dysentery and cholera, potentially life-threatening sicknesses. 

Please continue to prayer for our friends in Malawi. Here is Brother Saidi's latest report from the trip over the weekend:

After the first successful relief supplies distribution mission, it was time to make a second trip last week-end. The VGR crew left the offices on Friday for the second distribution exercise.

This time around, the weather was very favorable; with clear skies that gave an assurance that there would be no rains for a day or so. We therefore had good reason to believe that we would not have obstacles ahead of us as was the situation during our first exercise. Because most of the roads were washed away, we exercised care as we negotiated our way through swamps that were created by the floods.

On this trip the consignment included blankets, corn flour, water buckets, and water purifiers.

Most of our friends continue to stay at the designated camps. There is a section of the brothers and sisters that have sought refuge with their relations who have houses in upper lands.

Most of the believers are now trying to find lands in upper lands, through Village chiefs. We trust God will help them to finally find a permanent place to settle with their families.

God bless you abundantly for your prayers. Let us continue praying for our friends as they are trying to find means of rebuilding their lives.

These believers are very thankful to Brother Joseph and all the believers around the world, for the continuous flow of support materials and prayers. They feel humbled and encouraged with the love that such act of charity has projected.

God bless you.

Brother Saidi


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