A Day Unto The Lord

But Jesus wants to give you the best thing that anybody could give you, and the only One that could give it: Eternal Life, healing for your body, swap your weariness for joy, take the gloom away and give you a shout of victory: wants to take away your sin and give you Life, wipe death away from you and give you Eternal Life. And yet, He's turned away from more doors than all the potentates and kings that this earth ever had.

You see, He stands and knocks at the door, He says, “And if any man will open, I'll come in.” He's wanting to talk to you. He's wanting to do something for you.

There's only one thing that He'd take away from you; that would be your sins or your sickness. And surely, you don't want to pack them any longer.

58-0617 Behold I Stand At The Door And Knock

In today's society, we look forward to many things that are out of our ordinary routine: holidays, birthdays, and even weekends. But with all these things on our minds, do we set aside any days for our Lord? How much would Jesus appreciate us taking one of our special days and giving it to Him? This Brazilian family did just that, and true to form, the Lord blessed them for it. 

After making their preparation for a day set aside for the Lord Jesus, and everything in order, all that was needed was the Guest of honor to arrive. Jesus kept His appointment, bringing just what this family needed.

I would like to share a testimony that happened to me on the day of consecration to the Lord. On Thursday, December 24th, I was unable to see with my left eye. On December 25th, my family and I decided to dedicate this entire day to the Lord. We spent the day listening to the voice of Brother Branham, reading the Bible, and praying.

In the early evening we decided we would hear a tape together as a family. We prayed together at 6 pm, and then prepared ourselves to hear a message. My husband was ready to put on a certain tape, but just before starting, felt something of the Lord to hear a message titled, “He Careth For You.”

At the end of it, the prophet asks a sister to stand up because her eyesight was bad. At this very moment I stood, and the prophet began to talk about my sight and began to pray for me. At that very moment I felt something different; I was receiving my healing.

The next morning my sight was perfect. Jesus went to Heaven two thousand years ago and to this day He does miracles as then, for He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. So for me, I believe that the prayers of our prophet heal even today. My prophet prayed 50 years ago for this sister, but its effects we are receiving today and will continue to receive forever.

God bless.

Sister Miriam Oliveira