Do You Fear Cancer?

Do you fear cancer? Does a believer fear anything? Absolutely not! When the opposition looks too great, can’t we as believers today say as Joshua said, “We are more than able!” Where medical science continues to fail in this battle against cancer, God continues to have a provided way for His children.

Brother Joel Paramanandam, VGR office manager in Chennai India, sent us this testimony of a local pastor who applied Act 19 and once again, the enemy was moved out of the land.

Praise the Lord Brother Joel! I am Brother Kolli Barnabus, a pastor in East Goda Vari District, A.P.

A lady named Bhagyamma has been suffering from cancer for one year. She has been losing her hair a lot. She became very lean. Then one brother from our church told her of the Message, and then I went and told her of the message, and of what God has done in this day. I gave her a prayer cloth and I prayed for her. Also, we talked about the miracles that God had done through his prophet, Brother Branham. She believed on the Message and we all had prayer.

That was a year ago, and recently she went to Hyderabad Hospital. The doctor there was going to conduct her chemotherapy treatment, but prior to that to the treatment, he did a diagnostic testing. The doctor said, “You do not have cancer, and you are free to go.” Praise the Lord! Hallelujah, she is healed!

She saw God’s miracle in her life, and we praised God exceedingly together! We then had prayer with her and her family to encourage her to continue in the Faith. They have three children, two daughters, and a son.

Pray for my ministry and for my family. We are praying for VGR and all the members of the Body.

Praise the Lord Brother. Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever.

Brother K. Barnabas