A Warm Welcome

I have prayed for kings in their palaces, and had the privilege of being in some of the finest homes in the world. But I never felt any more welcome in all my life than I did in that little hut that morning.

59-0211 Simeon And Anna

We received the following report from Brother Petru Muntean, VGR office manager in Romania.


With the help of the Lord, we traveled to Pitesti where we visited a small group of Message Believers. We took with us VGR material, and after arriving in the evening on a hard-to-reach road, the brothers were happy to embrace us.

This was a humble place, with elderly brothers and sisters. It was a place where the Word of God was welcome and the fellowship was of a heavenly one.



The next day we continued our journey to a new location, also hard to access by cars. This being a mountain area where you can hardly find a paved road made it difficult. But that did not stop us from continuing our journey, where we were going to have a meeting in a small house that acts as a church.

After a little ride we managed to reach our destination, where upon our arrival, we heard through the open window of the room songs of praise for the Lord. We cannot express the beauty of the place. Not so much in natural beauty, but we have found far from the modern world, a small group of people in their simplicity stand with the Message of the Hour.

In less than no time, the presence of the Lord was welcome in our midst, then fellowship continued from this wonderful "Food" spoken by our prophet.

I'm sure Brother Branham would have felt good in a home church like this.


God Bless You

Romanian Office