Kenya Quiet Time

We received the following testimony from our Kenya distributor about the first YF Quiet Time event in Kenya.

Brothers greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Kenya was really pleased and honored to have its first Quiet Time and bonfire event for the youths.

We are grateful to Brother Joseph for making it happen and for allowing Kenyan youths to have a taste of what goes on at Still Waters. We can honestly say from the testimonies we received from the youths here, that the fire is still burning in their hearts as some youths are catching wind of what is going on.

Our Bonfire and Quiet Time event was in a very serene, nice and quiet venue at “Tropical Garden” in Ruiru. The venue was unique in its own way, the place is dedicated for people to come and relax under the trees and the cool breeze.

We have been following closely the testimonies of the Still Waters Camp, and our desire was to bring the Still Waters Camp testimonies and feelings into the hearts of the youths here.

A total of 167 youths attended the event, and we really thank God for the chaperones that sacrificed their time to be with us.

The Quiet Time started at around 3:20pm.This was so timely because our Quiet Time came at the same time with the Global Quiet Time, when the believers around the world are joining together in worship.

Almost immediately, a pin-drop silence was all over the place as we each found a special spot and let the veil drop behind us. Oh my! It was such a wonderful experience to have a conference with Him.

Then we gathered back in the tent for a worship and tape service. We listened to the tape "Come Follow Me" and when the altar call was made, many young people rededicated their lives to the Lord.

We then had a bonfire and more worship. Such an amazing moment it really was.

We don’t have enough words to put in writing of the experience we all had, but we know one thing is for sure, that the fire will still be burning in their hearts for a long long time. The experience has caused a huge revival amongst the young people in this country. They just can’t wait for the next one to come.