He'll Stand For You

Won't you make a stand for Him tonight so that He will stand for you at that day?

60-0711 The Door Inside The Door

The Word teaches us to follow the laws of the land, but what if those laws force us to compromise on our faith? The Hebrew children went to the fiery furnace with the attitude that the Lord could deliver them, but even if He didn't, they would not bow to the idols of the world. This sister wanted to follow the laws of her country by performing her required service. However, she was put in a difficult position. The law required service, but that service seemed to require compromise. She did her best, and not only did the Lord step on the scene, but He also gave her a friend and a church! Here is her testimony. 

In my country Nigeria, young graduates are forcibly made to do active service for a period of one year in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), mine was 2015/16.

Usually, the uniform includes a pair of white shorts and trousers for both the ladies and the men, this makes it very challenging for Message believers.

I had been praying that God would make a way around for me to get through the service successfully, like He had always done for some of our sisters. So, I sewed my own white and khaki skirts. I was determined to wear them.

On arriving there, I met a sister who was also wearing her own skirt. Some few days later, we were caught and questioned by the camp authorities. Then we were sent to the guard room and made to answer before a panel.

Finally, we were ejected from camp. This challenged the other youths, but many of them made fun of us. We left the camp for a pastor's house in a nearby state, not knowing what would happen. The brethren there and other brethren nation-wide kept praying, and then GOD ANSWERED.

After about three days, we were called back. The authorities apologized for treating us badly and asked us to resume.

We completed our service year successfully to the Glory of God.

God protected us there and also provided a Message church for us.

God stands for those who stand for Him.

Sister Rejoice

Ibadan, Nigeria