Still Standing

A few weeks back, we posted a testimony of how God’s hand saved a young brother from the clutches of certain death. It was a day Brother Mungure will never forget.

Our office in Dar es Saleem, Tanzania recently caught up with Brother Mungure during his visit to pick up some Message material. His recovery continues to go well, and it sounds like our brother is not only letting others know what the Lord did for him but more importantly, he's telling them that God has a "way of escape" spiritually for all who desire it.

Brother Simon Mungure visited the office here in Dar es Salaam on his way back to Miguruwe, where his work station is located in the national park.

His testimony still remains that he is healed and happy in the Lord. He showed us the healed wounds, and his joy was increased when he found a copy of his testimony from the VGR website (branham.org) printed on the display table.

He received his needs: some Message books, tracts for sharing with others at his hometown Miguruwe, where it is very dark spiritually.

We were also able to give him a few English Message titles. Being single and not able to afford a microSD card, we gave him one, which he badly needed for his lonely, one-man worship services. He stands alone where he is at.

He was so thankful to VGR.

W Mbise

VGR Tanzania



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