Into Colombia

February began in a very big way for the VGR Colombia office. The team embarked on 10-day missionary journey to the jungles and remote outposts of Colombia to reach the Bride of Christ with some much needed supplies, and to speak on the latest updates taking place in the work of the Lord.

In just 10-days, the team visited two churches and seven missions in the northwest part of Colombia. Their journey brought them across unpaved roads high in the Colombian mountains, a motorbike ride through hostile territories, and even boating across raging seas; all to get their precious cargo to the believers waiting on their Spiritual Manna.

Here is the first of two-part report regarding their missionary activites to a village called Alto Rosario. We will have a follow up report of the second half of their journey in the near future.

Trip to Alto Rosario, Tuesday, February 2nd

We left Apartado after breakfast on Monday, February 2nd, and we were going to Alto Rosario. We arrived at a town called Necoclí, and Pastor Pedro Narváez was waiting for us. This region is known for being governed by the para-military. If we hadn’t received previous permission and the guidance of our brother on his motorbike, our lives would be in danger because those who are unknown to the controlling regime are intercepted and treated like military objectives. Our brother drove before us on his motorbike. The road was in a very bad condition, causing our trip to be three or four times beyond normal.

We drove 70 kilometers in three hours. We were lodged in the house of Brother Pedro Narváez. They live in a place where water service is so limited. There is no comfort and weather is so hot. They do not have public transportation system, only motorcycles and particularly the children have to walk long distances to get to school. The only small hospital is also hours away and there is only one doctor who is not always there. They do not have any of the comforts we have in the city. The average temperature here is 108 degrees. At about 4 pm we went to the church (it is 30 minutes away from the house through a very narrow dirt road) and the place is really humble. The brothers arrived in motorbikes, horses, donkeys, or walking. Usually they walk for 2 or 3 hours to get to the service. They have to walk back to their homes in complete darkness using flashlights and lanterns to light the road. Just like Brother Branham said, they do make an effort to get to the service.

We put up our banners and they testified by themselves. Service began at 6 pm and the pastor said, “God has visited us. We are so happy for this privilege of having Voice of God Recordings in our midst." The pastor said he remembered the time when Brother Branham mentioned the old colored man that kicked the back of his heels in the air for joy, and he did the same to show his gladness for having us there.

Brothers sang for 15 minutes and then we did for 15 more minutes. We encouraged them, we told them that Brother Joseph, along with the VGR staff, sent greetings from Jeffersonville. Then we showed them the videos, and the subtitle had a great impact in them. The projection in a UHD plasma was incredible.

We did the same we do in all places. A brother reads the text in the videos as they are being projected (like worship in the trees, hearing tapes in Africa, how we do it). We projected the subtitled message, "Be Certain of God," and brothers enjoyed it. 

At the end of the service, the Lord raised the atmosphere in a mighty way and honored the expectations of these humble believers. The night had fallen and we had to use lanterns to fill out the SD card forms and distribute the Cub Corner magazines to the children.

They were so happy to receive all these gifts and gave us warm hugs and words of appreciation. To see their faces with satisfaction meant the world to us. There were about 50 people in this particular service.

Service finished by midnight and the brothers went to their homes using lanterns across the pastures and the difficult ways to arrive home.

VGR Colombia