Into Colombia #2

We catch up with the Colombian team 9 days into their trip, at their last stop in the mountainous town of Peque. This leg of the journey began with crossing the Rio Atrato Bay in northwest Colombia. From there the team traveled the rugged landscape and traversed mountainous roads to reach the flock in the small municipality of Peque. There they were able to show the local congregation an update of the work and play a subtitled sermon for all to hear the fulfillment of Revelation 10:7 in this day.

Here is the conclusion of their 10-day missionary trip.

Trip to Peque.

On Monday, February 8th, we left Acandí and we traveled to Turbo (it was a 2-hours trip); the sea was calm and there was tailwind. We arrived at our destination soaking wet though because of the constant exposure to the water. We went to the house of the minister Nelson Hernández, and we got a shower and changed our clothes. Then we traveled to the town Peque. We traveled three hours on a paved road, but then we traveled on a non-paved road for 2.5 hours.

We arrived to Peque at 6:30 pm and brothers were waiting for us. The mission is not in town, but in a lane called “El Llano," a very mountainous place with thousand-meter cliffs and a very narrow road, just wide enough for a vehicle. When we left town, we realized that the road was being repaired. Brothers had a bus called “Chiva” to lead us to our destination, and we arrived at 9 pm. We were hosted in the house of a brother.

This area is also under the watch of paramilitary forces. Everybody knows each other in this region. We only saw three vehicles during all of our stay here. The rest is only horses, mules, and donkeys. There is no plain land here, but only slopes and steep mountains. There are many denominational groups and several of them attended our services. The Message believers are seen like oddballs. Most of our people are relatives and have built their houses around the tabernacle. Life is certainly not easy in this region.

Service was on Tuesday at 9 am. We installed our banners and then Brother Gustavo introduced us. We sang some hymns and then we gave greetings on behalf of Brother Joseph and the VGR staff. We read the letter that brother Joseph sent, and they joyfully received his words. Then we spoke about the Agapao Tablet, about Quiet Time, and then we projected the Subtitle program with the message, “Be Certain of God.” The congregation was so connected to the program and we could hear their "Amen." They really loved this Subtitle.

That same Tuesday, after lunch, we traveled in “Chiva” to the town, and we arrived in 45 minutes. Then we made transship from the bus to the vehicles, and we began our 347 km trip back to Medellin at 3:45 pm. 

Brother Gustavo (the accompanying minister and guide) wants to have the Subtitle in all the missions he has, and he said that he wants it as soon as he can to use it.

He told us on Friday, the 12th, that he wanted us to go to his church in Medellin, because he didn’t want the church to miss that revival that our visit produced in the places we visited with him.

May God bless the Saints worldwide.

VGR Colombia