The Little Things

And may He come in His resurrected power as He would stand, and may He take this church into His charge tonight. May He help me, His poor unworthy servant. May He help me tonight, and anoint me, that before my people, that I might have some way to do something in this audience tonight by His power, that if He will let me as I submit myself to Him, that you might leave this tabernacle tonight, or this place, saying like those who came from Emmaus. He walked with them all day long. They didn't recognize Him. Many Christians today walk with Him, but don't recognize Him, don't recognize Who is doing these little things for you. Then when He was in there He did something just a little different from other people, and they recognized it was Him. Their eyes were open. May the God of heaven open our eyes tonight to something, that we'll say when we leave here, "Did not our hearts burn within us?"

54-0809E The Manifestation Of Thy Resurrection To The People Of This Day

How much has the Lord done for you already today? The moment we wake, we can start thanking Him. He gave us another day. He kept our heart beating through the night. He chose us to hear His Word for this hour. He is making our hearts ready for His Second Coming. Truly, we should give the Lord praise in everything we do.

This Brazilian brother recognized that it was no coincidence that he found his lost phones. He took the time to thank the One who gave him his phones back, and then wrote the testimony so we can all enjoy it.

God always takes care of His children. That's very beautiful to say, but to experience this is something indescribable.

Until now I have not found the word or words that define this feeling. Brother Branham tells us that serving God is a paradox, something that has no explanation; daily He always giving us deliverance and care. Some minor things we often let go unnoticed, but what happened to me intrigued me a lot; even if someone tried to explain, I believe that it would not be possible.

I was changing a part in my car and my two phones were on the vehicle roof. When I finished the repair I decided to do a test in the car to see if it was correct and working. I drove the car for about 200 meters making some strong and sharp turns. I left the car parked on the street and walked through the gate. I started to clean the place where I was working. After about one hour, a guy in a motorcycle arrived and parked in front of the car and went away. Ten minutes later I passed through the gate and watched the street. When I looked down I saw one of my cell phones in the middle of the street about 12 feet from me. Before I caught it I thought that due to the amount of cars that passed by during this 1 hour, the cell must have been broken, however it was working properly without any breakdown. I thanked God and wondered where would be the other one.

I bowed my head and it was exactly where the motorcycle was parked. How is that? What about the people who passed by in that time period? In our country the culture is "if you find something, it is yours." The bike boy, when he spoke with me, had his head down looking at the floor and did not see the phone? Not to mention that I myself would have crushed the cell because I maneuvered the car at least three times there, and it is a heavy car (station wagon) and would have broken it with certainty. I honestly do not find any explanation, it is a Paradox. I think I lost the cell phones about 200 meters away, where I made a roundabout at high speed to test the car and God placed them near where I was for me to find and with no hurt; amazing that I had not felt the lack of equipment.

God did not let me worry, I only had time to thank Him. Glory to God! In this Jubilee we are living, the answers and God’s confirmations come in a very quick time; I wanted to thank Him and share with the Bride of Christ.

God bless.

Brother Santana


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