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But, now, there is a Blueprint. And now every church teaches, perhaps, what their theology is of that church, believing that it's based upon a Blueprint. Well, now, many times, in seeing those things, that it isn't just the way I read the Blueprint, so then I have a right in my own church to lay out what I think is right.

Here some time ago, a contractor…I was in Milltown, at the Milltown Baptist church, where we had a revival. And Brother Wright and you all, I guess, remember Marion Lee. [Brother George Wright says, “Amen.”—Ed.] And he was very upset about something I taught on water baptism. Well, he went home, and he was upset about it. And he was a contractor.

That night he dreamed a dream. The Lord showed him he was building a house, and he was to put a bay window on it. And so instead of putting a bay window on it, he just put a porch, said, “That'll be all right.” So when the owner of the house come up, said, “Tear it down to the foundation; start over again.”

So he had been taught something different from what the Bible taught, so he said, “I just might as well tear the foundation down and build it over again.” I went home with him that night, stayed all night at his house.

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Robert Lee, son of Marion Lee, lived and grew up in the Corydon, Indiana area, about 14 miles south of Milltown. Mr. Lee called this part of southern Indiana home for over 80 years. It was there, as a young boy, that he was blessed to have the prophet of God visit his home when Brother Branham often stopped by after a day of walking the power lines. The prophet and his dad would stay up into the early hours discussing passages of Scripture. He also witnessed familiar stories like Brother Branham preaching in the Milltown Baptist church, Georgia Carter's sickness, and baptisms at Totten Ford. His niece was the young girl who was almost sent to a high-security mental hospital Madison, Indiana due to a mental condition.

Mr. Lee passed away only a few months after we were able to sit down with him for his contribution to the Bride of Christ.

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Story about Mr. Lee’s niece