From That Time

All of us have a testimony. We can all remember when the Light of the Gospel crossed our paths and the moment we truly took hold of it. Some of us were in the depths of sin, some of us were in the denominations, for many it was at the darkest time in our lives, then Jesus came along.

That's the way He does, just in the darkest of the hour. There's only one thing we have to do, and that's stand on God's eternal promises. Regardless of what comes or what goes, stand on the promise. Darkest of hour, and then Jesus come along.

57-0302 And Then Jesus Came

Let’s pull the armor a little tighter, strap on the helmet a little closer, and grip the sword a little firmer. We have a resurrected Saviour who stands with us and has conquered all things. 

For over 20 years I have known the Message. A friend of mine from school put in my hands a book of this precious Message. He never told me a word, he just suggested me to read it and tell him what I think about the book.

The message he gave me was, "Satan's Eden." While I read it and saw all the truths being opened before my eyes, I couldn't stop reading and I realized I had on my hands the Word of God brought by His chosen man for this day. And knowing that, all I was reading leaded me to see Jesus Christ, to see upon the Calvary, and give my whole soul to God, and I'm Christian since then.

I remember when I finished reading the Message book, I just wanted to read more and more, and I diligently looked for my friend to ask him to tell me how could I find more books. I immediately bought my Bible and I began to attend to the church until today.

I give thanks to God for giving me the opportunity of having the privilege of knowing the Message of God, by William Marrion Branham, and I just desire to be an instrument so the people can know the Voice of God for this day.

May the Lord Jesus Christ fill you with blessings and guide you in the work you make when you spread the Message to the souls around the world. I'll remember you in my prayers.

May God give you His Grace to face adversities successfully. God bless you.

Your Brother in Christ.

Brother Osorio