A Soldier Of The Cross

Earlier this month, we posted the moving testimony from a young lady in Brazil, and the responses have come from around the world. Many have written, describing tears of repentance in their lives. Some have written in with shouts of praise, and others tell of re-consecrating their walk with the Lord Jesus because of Sis Raissa’s witness.

Her story showed us that no matter what test or trial we find ourselves in, we can hold to the apostle’s charge that ALL things work together for our good. Our young sister’s trial and victory continue to be an example to the world of how we can use everything that comes our way to show the love of God to a dying world.

Her prayer of doing something for the Lord continues to be answered as the love of Christ shines in her life for all to see.

Here are a few photos that go along with our sister’s testimony.


Don’t fear, only believe. Hallelujah. How we love Him. He is so good to us. We are so unworthy of His blessings. How He wants to heal you all.

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