The Eagles Gathering Together

Dear God’s Restored Masterpiece,

This winter has been the most marvelous and outstanding time of our lives. We have studied, and He has revealed the book of Revelation to us. It has been a time that we’ll never forget.

We can see the elements ready to bring the Church into the Presence of Christ. The Bride is taking on form. We’re putting the wedding garment on, making ourselves ready. We can see the lights a flickering. We know that we’re at the end. We are here. We’ve arrived. He’s coming FOR ME AND YOU!!

The Royal Seed is now gathering, ready for the resurrection, ready for the harvest. The Alpha has become Omega. That imperfect seed that fell in the garden of Eden has now come back to the perfect Seed, the Second Eve, His true Word Bride again. YOU ARE THAT WORD BRIDE MY FRIEND.

What a joy to know that we are His perfect Bride, in His Perfect will. He has spoken to our hearts by Revelation, and revealed that we are His fully restored Masterpiece.

It took Father four thousand years to make His first Masterpiece. Now He’s been another two thousand years making another Masterpiece, US, His Bride, for Christ. He has done it by His never-changing method, the same way He made His first Masterpiece, His Word.

That’s the only way He makes His Masterpieces, because He can only be a perfect Masterpiece when It’s the perfect Word, and This Message is His PERFECT WORD, making His Perfect Bride.

If He took from Him, the original creation, to make the Bride for Him, He never made another creation. He took a part of the original creation. Then, if He was the Word, what must the Bride be? It’s got to be the original Word, living God in the Word.

Can we realize, we are the original Word without spot or wrinkle. We are that smitten piece off of Him, restored. Satan can’t bluff us no more. We are not some man-made bride, we are the living Word in action.

The harvest is here. We are dead ripe. We’re ready now for the Coming. The first ministry and the last ministry is the same. The first Message and the (second) last Message is the same thing. “I’m, I was in Alpha; I’m in Omega.”

The Masterpiece family has come again, Christ and His Bride, ready to return back to their Home.

The Bride can’t wait to see all He has in store for us this spring. We’re under great anticipation and expectation. Come join us Sunday at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as the Holy Spirit comes into our homes and speaks through His chosen mouthpiece, and bring us the Message: The Masterpiece 64-0705.

Bro. Joseph Branham


Scriptures to read before service:

Isaiah 53:1-12
Malachi 3:6
St. Matthew 24:24
St. Mark 9:7
St. John 12:24
St. John 14:9
Revelation 3:20


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