A Total Deliverance

After finishing a new recording, the Malawi team hit the road for a very important meeting. The prophet was scheduled to preach once again to the people of Africa, and the team also had very special delivery from the young believers who contributed to a recent YF project.

Here is the latest report from Brother Saidi, VGR office manager in Malawi, about some of the fruits of their labors, a few bumps in the road, and a "total deliverance" for the people.

Soon after recording the message, “A Man Running From The Presence Of The Lord," 65-0217 on Saturday, February 25, the VGR team jumped into the Ford Ranger for a 450km (280 miles) long drive.

There were two assignments:

The first was to distribute the speakers and tablets for churches in the Central Region of Malawi. This was sponsored by the YF Jesus Jar project. 

And secondly, to bring Brother Branham to the pulpit and preach to the gathering of several Message churches who would assemble together to receive equipment for their tape meetings.

The arrangements were for the 15 pastors who would receive the speakers and the tablets for their churches, and they would converge at one point.

Everybody came expecting to hear Brother Branham preach and receive the speakers together with the tablets.

As usual we were allowed to take full charge of the entire service. The brothers set up the sound system in good time, and Brother Paul was ever ready to lead the song service; and it was awesome.

Brother Saidi, indicated to the pastors and all the believers that gathered, the desire of Brother Joseph and the Voice God Recordings to bring back Brother Branham to the pulpits. They were enormously encouraged.

It is always a privilege to invite Brother Branham to preach again to the people of Africa. And he did again last Sunday in Malawi. Brother Branham preached a sermon titled, "A Total Deliverance." Oh, what a Message! Everybody enjoyed the preaching, and it created zeal in the people to get even more.

After Brother Branham finished preaching, the altar and the isles were full. Everybody was praying for their own total deliverance.

Two souls surrendered to be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thereafter, the speakers and the tablets were distributed.

On our way back, the trailer, once again, gave us a headache. We knew after having a wonderful service that the devil would want to frustrate us, but he came in too late. Two tires on the trailer blew out.

We didn't have any option but to get a spare tire from the Ford Ranger. The size and the diameter is different between the Ranger’s tire and the trailer’s, but, praise the Lord, we managed to get it fitted, and we slowly drove back home.

Thank you for your prayers. The Voice of God in the last days is still alive.

Brother Saidi

VGR Malawi