Mexico Distribution

When you see Brother Fernando’s pictures (VGR Distributor in Guadalajara, Mexico), you will understand why we make the Agapao Tablet rugged and long-lasting. He traveled deep into the remote Huasteca region of Mexico to visit some of the most isolated believers on earth, and deliver to them a Lifeline that will not only give them all the Spanish sermons and videos, but it also gives them the opportunity to receive new Spanish translations almost as fast as we can upload them to our websites.

The Huasteca Region

The Huasteca region is one of the poorest regions in Mexico. It encompasses several states and has a varied terrain, from the relative flatlands in the north and east to the mountainous areas in the west. Travel throughout the region can be slow as even some of the highways in the region tend to be small and winding, especially in the higher elevations.

Fernando Sanchez (Distributor)

Brother Sanchez is one of three distributors in Mexico that tirelessly crisscross the country to make sure the believers receive the latest material from VGR. On this particular trip Brother Sanchez took his two daughters and his cousin to help him train the believers on how to use the Agapao Tablet.


The Route

Brother Sanchez was able to visit the following towns and villages in the span of eight days: Ciudad Valles, Tamuin, El Chamal, Paxalja, Octojub, Tanlajas, Tonatico, Temalacaco, Otlazhuaco, Escalanar, Comoca, Tlajumpal, Aguacatitla, Tenestitla ll, and Cuayahual.

La Huasteca is known for its vegetation and mountainous areas. Most houses are made of bamboo with tin or palm roofs. It is surprising to see how the entire range is habited, no matter how high, how deep, or how low they are in the mountains. It is special to know that in this place there is predestined seed, and it is so satisfying to see that now the Voice of God is echoing in the homes in this area.                                                                                                  – Fernando Sanchez


Finding the believers

This type of distribution trip is very time consuming, as the believers are scattered throughout the villages and it is not possible to get them all together as would normally be done in a large city. A typical day begins with driving out to the village where the believers are and finding their home or small church gathering, which is no small task as many must be found by simply asking the villagers where a certain person lives.


The Believers

Most of the believers in this region are very poor and would have no way of purchasing a tablet of their own, if it was not for the Agapao tablet sponsorship project. They live in very simple homes which are made of the material that they can find around them. The homes are often open to the elements and have dirt floors; these conditions are exactly what was taken into consideration when designing and developing the ruggedness and longevity of the Agapao Tablet.

In this area, there are very few who have internet access at home, as far as I know, only 3 brothers have internet at home. The p2p update (tablets update other tablets) really is very important here. They can have access to the internet in the nearest towns, where it costs 5 to 15 pesos per hour. As you know, the economy in this area is not something that abounds. For this reason, each local group updates only one tablet via WiFi, and with that updated tablet the other tablets of each family are updated. – Fernando Sanchez

Believers with Agapao Tablets can share their new translations with anyone else who also has an Agapao Tablet. Software within the tablets will upload new translations to tablets that don’t have those translations yet. And it will go on and on, so everyone who wants the new Spanish translations will soon have them. It makes everyone with an Agapao Tablet a distributor of Brother Branham’s Message! What once took months or years, is now possible in a matter of days through the peer-to-peer technology within the device.


Presentation and distribution

Once Brother Sanchez has found the church or home of the believers he will start unloading the tablets and setting up for his presentation, while he waits for any brothers that may not be present yet. Once they have all arrived he will give them a presentation of what the Agapao Tablet is, it’s intended purpose, and how to use it. In an area such as this, where the people have limited contact with technology, one of the key elements of the distribution plan is to train the believers in how to use and properly maintain their new Agapao Tablet. The best way to accomplish this is through hands-on demonstration, so after the tablets are handed out the Sanchez family will mingle amongst the brothers and sisters and show them how to update, charge, and maintain the tablet.


Their appreciation cannot be measured

These believers cherish the precious gift that they have been given, and wanted to be sure that Brother Sanchez would pass along their gratitude to those who sponsored their tablet.

It made us feel very small about the welcoming they gave us in each place. Seeing how they shared the only thing they had to eat and gave us the opportunity to eat first. A very special occasion for us was when we were working with a group of believers. A sister was working, preparing food without us noticing. As we were saying goodbye to them, the sister ran out of her kitchen and told us to wait just a few more minutes as she was finishing to prepare food for us. When we told her that it was not necessary for her to prepare food for us, she said, "Please wait, I have prepared it with all my heart and with much love." After a few minutes, she came out with a small wrapper, what was there were some small tortillas with chili and a piece of meat. When she put it in our hands, she just cried and quickly returned to her humble home. There are no words to express how we feel at that moment.

Every day that we were in the mountains with the believers, we ate 5 to 6 times a day. We could not turn down any believers; everyone had that same feeling towards us of sharing with us the food they had. – Fernando Sanchez