This Little Gem

The entire Message on an object the size of your fingernail. Could any of us ever imagined this even possible? Today, by God’s grace, it is a reality. And this little gem is being placed in the hands of the Bride all over the world.

Brother Maurice Phiri, VGR assistant office manager in Zambia, recently got to witness first hand just how much these little devices are impacting God’s people.

His report takes us to two distribution locations in Zambia.

The team and I hit the road about 2:15pm, it is straight road, but heavy traffic made our driving slow, but we later succeeded to beat traffic. We drove passed the turning point to the destination church, as we drove farther we called the Pastor of the church who followed us with his family bus and got hold of us. Because it rained so heavy that day, the road that led to the church was very bad. God who is always with us, made it possible for us to go through the waterlogged road safe and sound.

We arrived at our first destination point at about 3:10pm and found believers in anticipation for our arrival, without wasting more time we were ushered in church and started the distribution of the MicroSD cards. The pastor of the church introduced us to the believers and welcomed me to the podium. Primarily I explained our mission as VGR and our objective according to the burden Brother Branham had for Africa, which is to make this Message accessible to everyone. The believers answered and said, “Amen”.

Before we passed out the cards, we gave out the mailing list form to family representatives to fill in their details as specified. When everyone had finished filling in the forms and queued up, we first got the mailing list form and gave them the letter from Bro. Joseph then we handed over the cards. This worked out so smooth and in harmony.

We distributed 26 SD cards, 22 were the Bemba language and 4 in the French/Lingala language. We were done by 4:00pm and hit the road to our second church.

Our second and last point was 22 kilometers from the first church, we used a short cut and we were at the next distribution spot by 4:30pm and similarly the believers waited in eagerness, we joined the congregational singing, it was nice to fellowship in worship with believers of like faith. The Pastor introduced us and I was ushered to the front to start the process. It also went well here, as we distributed 24 Bemba SD cards. On their behalf, they said thank you greatly to Brother Joseph and VGR for this wonderful work.

God bless you,


Our brothers in Zambia started distribution of the foreign language SD cards about a month ago. Since then they have distributed approximately 200 SD cards mostly in Bemba but also some in French.