A newly translated message of Brother Branham digitally mastered, and posted online to download, free of charge, all within three weeks sounds like a dream. Sounds impossible, right? 

On December 3, 2014 we posted an article Trip to South Africa about changes in the translation process is taking form, and how that these new technologies would change the dynamics of the Spoken Word reaching the people in foreign lands. Our hopes and prayers were that it would give God’s Bride access to the Message as quick as possible. And friends, by God’s help, we are seeing this happen.

Namibia is the latest example. Brother Arthur Vass, VGR office manager in Windhoek, received news from a local pastor of how believers were able to hear the Message in their native language of Oshiwanyama for the first time. Here is his latest report and some of the witnessing efforts taking place there.

Response to latest Oshikwanyama translated material.

The people are very glad and thankful to hear the message in their own language. Brother Mavesereh a local pastor in Windhoek, Namibia, sent us this correspondence:

God bless you brother. It's such a joy to have these translated Oshikwanyama Messages. Today for our service we listened to the translated, Be Certain Of God. What a joy. The Message was getting home and everyone was enjoying.

Please pass our appreciation to the brother who translated. May God give him more strength.

We appreciate the whole team involved. From Windhoek to Cape Town and all the way to Jeffersonville. We are going to do our part by taking these Messages right into the villages.

God bless you

Just 10 years ago for this same group of believers to hear this Message in their native language, the process would have taken at least a year and probably longer. Today, with Lord’s help and guidance, these newly translated messages are accessible in a matter of days.

Afrikaans SD Card

We were able to distribute 125 SD Cards to 125 Afrikaans speaking families all over the country. The SD Card is really one of the greatest blessings VGR has ever given out to the people.

Soweto Market Library outreach

We continue with our Soweto Market Library and it is a blessing to the people out there. This month a young lady and a young man came to the main library to buy many books as they’ve read some material a brother introduced them to. They were so excited and glad to see that there are so much more material and in their excitement, they wanted almost every book they laid their eyes on.

themessage.com advertisements

We set up some advertisements for the message.com around both Libraries. A Total of 13 pictures of tract A2 were put up on pillar walls where hundreds of people pass by everyday.

Other Outreach efforts

We continue house-to-house visits where we try to share the gospel to spread the message. This month we twice visited an elderly Pentecostal sister who invited her neighbors as we spoke about the Word of God. We were all able to watch “The Deep Calleth unto the Deep” video on one occasion. We were also invited to another home where a group of people gathered to listen to the Word of God.

Thank you so much for everything you do for us. We appreciate you very much and may God may bless your kind hearts.

Brothers Arthur and Marius