Quiet Time - Hear Ye Him

Come with it with love. The world is dying today for love. Christians today; we’ve got fine scholarly churches, wonderful buildings. But we got weak pulpits. There’s something wrong. The congregation don’t feel to one another like they used to. There’s something missing. The world is looking to that, Christians. What we need today is a baptism of love for one another. “This will all men know you’re My disciples, when you have love one for the other.” And no man has greater love than he that will lay down his life for his friends. “Hear ye Him.” And He was the only One that could do it. There was not an Angel could do it. There was nothing else could do it. And He did it. You’ve got no right to listen to nothing else contrary but Him—to Him. It’s “Hear ye Him.”

59-0424E Hear Ye Him

We received the following report from a young people's gathering in Brazil.

It's carnival season in Brazil. During this time, a lot of people hang out in worldly parties and go to the beaches, feeding their fleshly pleasures. But for the Bride of Christ it is totally different.

Every year, believers in Tijucas do Sul, along with Curitiba church, organize a full-day of special Quiet Time. At this time the theme was "Hear ye Him", having almost 100 brethren attending. There was a lot of preparation and many people and houses were involved.

The day starts early as the brethren are arriving in order to have the Quiet Time in the morning together with the Bride worldwide. The people were spread all over in the green area, on the patio, parking lot, in the houses, all with one thing in common; get alone with God and hear Him.

The time seems to pass so fast that many people take a little longer than the usual one hour of meditation.

Just after that, believers shared their experience testifying about the nuggets they got from their time with the Lord. We sang few songs and went straight to a delicious lunch.

In the afternoon was a perfect time to get to know the people while playing different fun games and having fellowship. During this year, many new young people came to the event. They were very happy and having a great time.

As the evening approached, it was time to go for the service. Brother Branham preached the Message 52-0900 "God's Way That's Been Made For Us." He was so thankful for Brother Billy Paul receiving the Holy Ghost and he taught us how we should be like the Hebrew children.

Everybody rejoiced and people went to the altar for prayer at the sound of "In the Presence of Jehovah" and He was there to meet the needs of His people. Even after the service, some people remained at the chapel, praising the Lord in the sweetness of the Spirit. The atmosphere was supernatural full of LOVE.

Dinner was offered with different options of food to satisfy different tastes. Some young people played volleyball at night, while families got around the bonfire with an acoustic guitar playing gospel songs.

What special Saturday it was! For sure that atmosphere continued to the Sunday Service, and the kids sang some of the songs our prophet used to sing.

It's so good to see how we are making ourselves ready by THAT VOICE!

God bless you all!

Bro. Vini - Brazil