Faith Cometh By Hearing

It is the vision of Voice of God Recordings to make Brother Branham’s Message available to every person on the face of the earth. We do this through many methods: The Table application, microSD cards, sermon books, websites, and of course, the Agapao and Hero tablets .

But there is one way we are doing this that you might not immediately think about: Young Foundations. Notice that every tape quiz and every project by Creations is doing one thing: encouraging us to listen to the Word. And what does hearing the Word bring? It brings faith.

“Faith cometh by hearing…”

The following is one of thousands of testimonies about how hearing the Word brings faith. It is from a sister living in Mexico, who is working with other believers to encourage the youth to do the YF tape quizzes. As you will read, her efforts are paying off for both the children and the parents.

Dearly beloved:

I want to share with you a little testimony to honor my God.

On Thursdays of every week, some families meet somewhere in the city to listen to a tape and answer a quiz. I personally have had a hard time attending on time each week. The enemy is an expert in complicating my day when it comes to attending a church event, whether it is the day of answering the quiz or the day of worship. Unfortunately, I do not attend as I should.

This past Thursday, the meeting point for the quiz was at the sports unit, four blocks from my house, which made me feel happy because then I wouldn't miss it. When I arrived home from work, my 13-year-old son, Joshua Moses, informed me that his little brother, Joseph David, almost 6 years old, had vomited and was complaining of abdominal pain. I hurried to make food and feed everyone, and when I was about to leave, my son began to complain of stomach pain. At that moment I began to get desperate because that would delay me.

My husband wanted me to take him to the doctor, but when we arrived at the office there were seven patients before us, and my desperation grew even greater. I registered my son for an appointment, and I left the office with my children and began to walk towards where the believers who were working on the quiz. When I looked from afar at my brethren all together listening to the tape, I really wanted to be there with them, but I also had to return to the doctor.

I began to walk towards them and I returned, then back to the doctor, returned, doctor, and returned again, and again, until something stopped me. I turned to see my son and I told him, "Son, we're not going back to the doctor, we're going with the believers to listen to the tape, and there the prophet will pray for you. God, the Great Physician, will heal you." My son did not hesitate to answer yes, and began to run to the believers.

We arrived and joined them. We finished the quiz, and at the end of the tape, the prophet prayed beautifully for the sick, especially for a child in the audience. My son and I raised our hands, and at the end of the tape, we all had a beautiful time of fellowship.

We arrived home and I gave the money to my husband for the doctor, and when he asked why I didn't take my son to the doctor. My son answered, "The prophet prayed for me, and the Lord healed me.” From that moment on he never complained of pain or vomiting again, we give thanks for His healing and for His promises.

Other words that the prophet spoke really touched my heart, because I am in that situation now and I asked Him to help me defeat the enemy so that I do not lose the battle.

And while we have our heads bowed, and I trust our hearts bowed: If you know somewhere that you have disobeyed in your life, know some Scripture, that you know that’s Bible teaching that you haven’t cooperated with, because something, Hollywood voice made you do something different. Some place that you ministers has found a place in the Bible, that’s actually the Truth, but you know your organization would put you out if you taught That, and you know it’s absolutely Truth. To you people who take the wrong thing, live the wrong life. You fathers and mothers that’s not trying to correct your children, not trying to raise them. You may try your best, and they’re going right on worldly anyhow, but you’re putting example before them. And if you’re not doing it, the Voice of God is speaking to you, “Don’t do that.” 115 And now with every head bowed and all eyes closed, and may the God of Heaven look down into the hearts of that person that’s hungering and finds the place where they’re wrong. And with a hand up to God, saying, “Lord, I truly desire for Your Voice to take out all of the unbelief, and all the things that’s not like You, and make me what You’d have me to be.” Would you raise your hands, while you…? The Lord bless. God bless you.

63-0120M - The Voice Of God In This Last Days

Another sister has commented on the effect that this meeting had on her grandchild. She said since early he is asking her, "Is the time to go yet? Should I get ready now?" and she is so happy about that because he is spending his time on the tapes, rather than on the cellphone.

There has been other comments between us about the confidence we have one to another. We are all from the same church, knowing each other for years, but we had little fellowship.

Some of them have talked about how much time it’s been since we’ve talked so freely to each other, and how hearing God's Voice has changed this atmosphere.

God bless you all!

Sister Karla Rubio