The Eagles Gathering Together

Dear Second Eve,

We will always remember the day that the Lord united His Bride together, from all nations of the world, to tell us, “You are My great masterpiece family, My Second Eve. You are now ready for the garden, the Millennium.”

The Masterpiece and the Bride, and It’s a piece of Him, which must be the fulfilling of the Word. The Word has been fulfilled, and we’re ready for the Coming of the Lord.

How is this Bride going to do this? How is this Wheat going to do this? He told us that Malachi 4, and Revelation 10:1-7 would perfect His Bride. Not a system, not a group of men, but the 7th angel messenger will restore it back, like it was in the beginning, back to the Original Word.

Notice Revelation 10:1 to 7, all the mysteries are to be revealed to the Bride, by the messenger of the Laodicea Church.

If ALL the mysteries are to be revealed by the messenger, then there is no better way to receive all the mysteries than God’s provided way, “PRESS PLAY,” and hear the Voice of God speak directly through His prophet and reveal all His secrets.

I am so excited and so content. Nothing else in this world matters but This Message, His Word, that Voice. I know each of you feel the same way. Everyone is sharing the Word they just heard with one another by calling or texting their favorite quote.

  • Did you catch this one…wow…I mean WOW!!
  • I have NEVER heard that Message like that before, NEVER.
  • How could I have missed this quote all these years?
  • He just told me I was His masterpiece, GLORY.
  • What a love letter. Nugget after nugget after nugget.
  • Can’t get any plainer than that.
  • How can anyone not see This... That’s all He says.

So now I’d like to do that same thing with each of you. After tomorrow’s Message you’ll be texting and calling and talking like crazy. He clinches the nail and ties it all together for His Eve.

I too want to encourage you. If you believe this is God’s 7th angel messenger. If you believe this Message is the Word for this day. You believe every Word. If you're following a ONE-MAN MESSAGE, THEN THESE QUOTES ARE FOR YOU.

  • We’re here! We’re at the end. That’s not just some silly thing of a man. That’s THUS SAITH THE LORD.
  • God’s prophet is the Divine interpreter to God’s Word.
  • You can’t add one thing to It, or take one Word from It.
  • A Man in human flesh, like a prophet, yet It was Elohim discerning the thought that was in Sarah’s heart, behind Him.
  • God, in a form of a human being, that could discern the thoughts of the people; one man, not a dozen; one man, no matter how many impersonations. They had One.
  • What is the true evidence? Jesus said, “That you believe that I am He.” And He is the Word.
  • A prophet doesn’t only mean “a seer or forth-teller;” it means “a revealer of the Word that’s written...the promised Word for that hour.
  • Then God sends His prophet, to...and the prophet is the living Word of God, made manifest.
  • Jesus, the Son of God, revealing Himself by the Scriptures, making that Scripture (that has been predestinated to this day, like it was to that day, and all other days) live. And to believe It, is the evidence of the Holy Spirit.
  • And how do you know whether it is the Word? Each one says this? It’s the promise of the Bible being vindicated of that age.
  • This is the complete revelation of Jesus Christ. [Brother Branham pats his Bible—Ed.] And the Seven Seals had the mysteries hid, of what It all was.
  • And how will the Messiah…the people that’s believing Him know it unless they’re constantly in the Word, to know what He is!

This Message, This Voice, These tapes, are The ONLY, vindicated by God, Word of the day. It is EVERYTHING TO US. We know nothing else, we want nothing else, and we can’t hear nothing else. We’re not against anyone else, we are just FOR, PRESSING PLAY.

Yeah. Children of the Light, accept His Word, keep walking and watch more unfold. Don’t leave It, no matter what somebody else says. Stay right in That and just keep walking with It, watch It unfold and reveal Itself. The Word is a Seed; a seed in the right kind of ground will bring forth its kind.

Come listen to the Word of God unfold and reveal Itself with the nations of the world, His Second Eve, Sunday at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear: The Feast Of The Trumpets 64-0719M.

Bro. Joseph Branham


Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

Leviticus 16
Leviticus 23:23-27
Isaiah 18:1-3
Isaiah 27:12-13
Revelation 10:1-7
Revelation 9:13-14
Revelation 17:8


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