Food During The Famine

Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

Amos 8:11

The microSD card continues to circle the world. These distribution trips not only give the Bread of Life to the people, but also renew friendships and bonds among the people of God. 

The following is the most recent report from the Zimbabwe team as they distribute these little gems throughout the villages of their country. Each stop continues to build momentum for the next, as the news quickly spreads to each city when the VGR team arrives. 

Within the first eight weeks of 2016, so many precious memories have already been made that will linger and last a lifetime. Fellowship and friendships established that will continue on throughout eternity. After doing several distribution trips last year, the need and cry for more of the translated sermons of Brother Branham on the SD cards only grew and spread. As the news travels, the number of churches and believers around the country in need of this life giving resource inherently grows. By God’s grace, after settling the duties and freight fees, we were able to collect this package full of “The Voice Of God In This Last Days.”

As the SD cards arrive, preps for distribution begin in earnest. Reams of bond paper cycle through the printer wheels, the ink toners empty quicker than ever as thousands of mailing list forms are printed, stapled and packed ready for dispatch. We excitedly get ready to get on the road and meet the believers.

Brother Branham says: " And if we just get around, there's lots of fine people yet left in the world.” 60-0515M

He also says: “ Traveling around meeting different people in different nations, it's amazing but to find out all God's children are wonderful people. No matter what language, what they are, they're all God's children, and very sweet. And I--I love them all.” 62-0725

How true this is. It is a wonderful experience to go from place to place and see the same Holy Spirit working in very same manner amongst a lovely group of people who have recognized this day and its Message.

VGR’s visit to believers in the different towns and cities the likes of; Masvingo, Chegutu, Mutare, Chivhu, Ngezi, Harare, Mashava, Darwendale, Beatrice etc. has been a tremendous enrichment for them and a real encouragement for us. It’s been iron sharpening iron. Working with the various Pastors has been a blessing. They are keen to ensure their flocks have the means to readily access and listen to the Message anytime they need to. Through the different hardworking missionaries, SD cards have also reached many places; Murambinda, Mhondoro, Sanyati, Bindura, Guruve, to mention only a few. We are looking forward to distribute to more groups including Meyrick, Highlands, Chitungwiza, Kariba, Bulawayo, Hwange...the list goes on. God is answering many prayers and providing many a solution by availing an unfailing source of food for the hungry believers. Internet being unavailable in many areas yet, nor audio players for CDs, mp3s in each home combined with a lack of electricity in others are some of the reasons why this project is a super relief for the thousands of believers who have been struggling to find means to have the Message. Many have mobile phones which have an SD card slot and that is being taken FULL advantage of now! Different families and believers have benefitted tremendously! Whether we are in a small rural place, a town or in the big cities, the excitement and gratitude is just the same. Believers readily stand in long lines in the sun after filling in their mailing list forms to get their portion. It is more than worth it when they finally hold the GEM in their hands to take back home, loaded with the prophet’s message in their own language!

The testimony of our Brother Arvind from India has been a great encouragement to us here as we shared it with the believers, it’s a living example of how the content on the SD cards is alive and harbors dynamic power! It is the Word. God the Word on an SD card on His way to our hearts! (That’s pretty awesome!)

We the believers are feeding on it more than ever before and putting this Word to use when we have need of anything, for truly ALL we need lays in that WORD. Feedback continues to come in of lives being changed, baptisms, and healings taking place while the Voice does what God sent it for.

All this would not be possible were it not for hard working translators who at the very beginning spend long hours translating and meticulously going through the manuscripts, the many hours of recording in the studio, the audio-editing and type-setting departments in Jeffersonville, the duplication, packaging and mailing departments, the brothers and sisters who support the work in many different ways all working together until the Message lands in the last hand of the predestinated that God foreordained before the foundation of the world. May the Lord bless each and every cog, wheel and shear pin in His great machine, and may He duly reward all the laborers in His field.

There has never been an age where a church age messenger’s message, letters, words or sermons have been as universal as they are in our age. Like Brother Branham says, this is by far the best age we could live in; and to whom much is given, much is also expected.

May God Bless You All.

VGR Zimbabwe