Spiritual Food To DRC

Our work in the Democratic Republic of Congo started gathering steam when Brother Joseph first visited the capital city of Kinshasa in 1986. Over the last 30 years, the work has grown from 10 distribution centers and roughly 10,000 believers, to 103 distribution centers, over 15,000 churches, hundreds of sub-centers, and about 1.5 million believers. There are several churches with more than 10,000 believers. This work is managed by our Kinshasa office, which also serves three adjoining countries: Rwanda, Burundi, and Congo Brazzaville. 

Below is a report from the Kinshasa office after receiving a new shipment of Spiritual Food to their storehouse. The four containers left our Jeffersonville office in two separate shipments, one on 11/19 and the other on 12/3. They both arrived at the Kinshasa office on February 23rd.

Four containers arrived at VGR Kinshasa office earlier this week.

We had brothers come to volunteer to unload these containers. It was such a blessing to receive all these precious materials! After six hours of hard work, all four containers were empty and all the materials were placed into the VGR warehouse.

Many of these materials will now be packed to be shipped to the different libraries in the interior of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Among many other things, the shipment contained:

  • 4 new French translated booklets for every church in the Congo
  • Several copies of Swahili and Lingala booklets
  • Thousands of French Cub Corner Magazines for the young believer kids
  • Missionary sound systems for tape boys doing outreach