Tape Boy

But there must have been some tape boys slipped in somewhere, for the predestinated seed.

63-0901M Token

The Mbandaka office in the Democratic Republic Of Congo shared this report of a local Tapeboy slipping into villages, trying to set up listening posts dedicated to the Voice of Revelation 10:7.

God is not out of witnesses. While the enemy multiplies his efforts to move the prophet away from the pulpits, God raises humble servants here and there, and they make noise to support the Voice of God in order to give the opportunity to the people to hear the VOICE of God for our time by the mouth of His own spokesperson, our precious Brother William Marrion Branham.

Some travel by plane, others in vehicles and boats, others with motorcycles, bicycles, pirogues, and even walk to reach the hungry souls.

An example is one of the Tapeboys of our area, Brother Mangongolo. He recently visited us at the VGR Mbandaka office to give us the following report. We trust it will be a source of blessing and encouragement for those who share the same burden as us:

In the evening, we departed Mbandaka and travelled towards Maita on an overloaded public transportation vehicle. We have a tape listening spot in Maita.

From Maita, we travelled on a pirogue (dugout canoe) along the Congo River until we reached the mouth of a stream that enters into the swampy Equatorial Forest.

We travelled on this stream until we arrived at the village Mentole, our destination, in order to distribute the tracts and booklets. We found out that a few people had backslid since we last went there. This distribution was a great blessing and encouragement to everyone.

We came back home and scheduled a second trip to testify of the messenger and of the Message. During our stay we want to display the videos, “Twentieth Century Prophet, Chicago Campaign, and Deep Calleth to the Deep.”

On Sunday, December 25th, 2016 we were able to gather a small group of the Bantu Tribe and Pygmies, and we spoke to them about the messenger and the Message.

May God be praised, we now have a tape listening spot for the citizens of this village and surroundings, where the people can freely listen to the VOICE of God for our time.

Your Brother Cyprien Mangongolo, “Tapeboy”