She Knew

We received this testimony from a family in Australia about how simple faith can change any situation. This is one of those little things that the Lord Jesus gives to remind us:  "I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world."

The local council, who manages the bush reserve next door to our property, recently sent a contractor to clear their side of the fire break.

The fire break track leads close to our fence, and in parts went around some small trees near the fence and further to their side of the reserve. We were shocked to see the large front-end loader starting to make a "new" tracks right next to our fence where some of our shade trees grew!

My husband called the local council to ask if they could just stick to the existing track and leave the small trees along the fence line that provided shade for our property, especially in the back paddocks.

While my husband was on the phone, the contractor had cleared another 20 meters and was about to push over another small shade tree, my daughter's favorite native bush!

Just then the contractor's phone rang. It was the council asking him to stop while they considered our request. Praise the Lord for His timing!

As the contractor went to work on another section of the reserve, I was wondering if the council would stick to its guns or consider our request. The next day the contractor came to restart the job. To my relief, he diverted around the small shade trees and kept to the existing track. WOW! Our God is so good to us!

Later, when I spoke to my daughter she just smiled and said she knew that the trees would be "okay."

I had a quizzed look on my face as she continued to smile with assurance and stated, "No-one would want to mess with our prophet, Brother Branham!" She said she had placed a photo of Brother Branham with the Pillar of Fire in her favorite native bush.