Returning To The Fold

And then after he gets them all numbered and they're all bedded down, the shepherd goes down by this hole where the sheep come in at, and lays himself down across the hole. Then no wolf can come in, no thief can come in, no harm can come in, ’less it comes over the shepherd first.

What a picture of Christ laying Hisself down for us, that nothing can harm us unless it comes over Him. So if you're sick and you say, “Brother Branham, sickness crossed over Him.” But it was for the glory of God. That's right. He wants to maybe give you a testimony. As the fellow said one time, he seen a shepherd with its a—packing a sheep. And he said, “Well…” The… Had his leg all bandaged up, and he said, “Well, what did you… What's the matter, did it fall off a cliff?”

Said, “No,” said, “I broke its leg.”

“Oh,” he said, “you must be a cruel shepherd to break your own sheep's leg.”

Said, “No, the sheep wouldn't mind me, so I had to break her leg in order to hold her, pet her, and love her, and give her a little special food, so that she would love me and follow me.”

And so sometime God has to do that to us.

56-0403 Shepherd Of The Sheepfold 

This brother made good use of the time he spent recovering from his injury by rededicating his life to the Lord. He was listening closely, and when he heard the prophet address his problem, he jumped at the opportunity to claim his healing. It took a little extra care from the Good Shepherd for this brother to bring him back to his rightful place and give him a testimony of victory to share with the Bride of Christ.

On Wednesday, January 26th, I was in the service and when it finished, I stayed for a while afterwards to clean the church. I was waiting for the bus to go home, and I had to run to catch it for my ride. When I did, I twisted my left foot and my weight fell onto it. I felt a hard pain, and still had to walk and take all the other buses and subways to get back to my house.

When I arrived home, I told my wife what happened and we headed to the clinic. I was attended to by an E.R. physician and he made a radiography and CT scan the next day. I had a break in the calcareous bone. The doctor put on a plaster cast, and I was told to rest for a month.

Four days after, there would be the Lord’s Supper and feet washing at the church. I went there in my car and with a wheelchair, because I didn’t want to miss the activities. I remembered Brother Branham said that the shepherd had to break his sheep’s leg to show His special care.

I spent that month with the Lord, having a deeper relationship with Him, confessing my mistakes and sins before Him, and trying to be the best I can before the Lord. I renewed my zeal with God, and I asked Him to give me a new chance to walk again to serve Him in the best I can according to what He tells me to do.

I was serving the Lord on the radio, and I used to visit the local plaza to play the tapes of the prophet so the people can hear the Voice of the Sign.

My life routine changed that month, but I visited the VGR website and I read “The Daily Bread” everyday. I also read the testimonies about the tapes and I wanted to have a similar experience.

Yesterday, I heard the message, “Lean On Not Unto Thy Own Understanding, ” and when the prophet prayed, he said, “I pray for every sick person, may be healed, the afflicted might walk.” And I said, “Amen! That’s for me!” I kept hearing the message for a while and then I got ready to visit the clinic. I believed in the prayer of the prophet and I held to it. I asked the Lord to confirm His Word of Malachi 4:5 through the doctor. He made x-rays and then he asked me if I had my left shoe with me. I told him I didn’t (I was using a walking boot) so he said, “You have to use your feet and walk and move it. You will go to kinesiology (rehab).” When I heard his words I thanked the Lord Jesus Christ in my heart, because that was what I was waiting for and believing in what I heard in the tape. When I arrived home, I put on my shoes and I began to walk with a walking stick.

I don’t have words enough to thank the Lord for this. How important it is to hear the tapes; the Message is alive and God is still speaking through His prophet. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

I pray for my life daily, because I want to be right before the Lord, correcting my mistakes. I’m so thankful for this new opportunity to believe in the words of the prophet. God is rich in mercy and grace.

May this little testimony be of help to your lives. May God bless every brother and sister of the Bride of Jesus Christ.


Brother Carlos Porres


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