The First Tape

It’s a special day for believers around the world! On this day, 70 years ago, God began storing up Food for the Bride of Christ that would carry Her through the oncoming famine.

Brother Branham gave us prophecy after prophecy that we have seen come to pass, but one of the most obvious concerns his tapes. How many times did he tell us that his tapes go around the world or that they are being translated? At the time he said those things, his tapes were not being translated and very few of them left the United States and Canada. Like the prophets before him, he seemed to be speaking in the present day, but he was actually speaking prophetically. It would not be until decades later that his Message circled the earth.

The first thing we have recorded from the voice of the seventh angel is prophetic in itself:

We're getting some new gadgets for recording.

We thank the Lord that those “gadgets for recording” eventually gave way to “gadgets for listening” and, for the first time in history, the entire world has the opportunity to hear the prophet with their own ears.

Take a moment with us on this very special day to thank the Lord Jesus for preserving the voice of His servant.

Today, I was reading a little place of Scripture, Joel… Amos 8:11, where It said, “There would be a famine, not with bread, or, for bread and water, but for hearing of the Word of God; that people would go from the sea to the sea, from east from west, to and fro, everywhere, seeking the… for the Word of God and fail to find it.” If that don't fit this nation at this time, I don't know where it does fit. That's right. We don't need bread; we got plenty of it. We got plenty to eat, plenty clothes to wear, nice homes to live in, and everything; but there's a famine for the hearing of the Word of God. A man don't know what to believe. That's right.

You're all confused; one say this, and one say that, and one say this, and one say something else. Base your thoughts on THUS SAITH THE LORD. God will confirm it.

55-0302 The Resurrected Lord Jesus