Another Soldier Made It Home

The nation of Venezuela has lost a great warrior and man of God with the going Home of our brother, Ebrain Tona, the VGR distributor for that country.

While vacationing with his family at the ocean, Brother Ebrain attempted to save his son, who was caught in a riptide. Brother Ebrain saved his son's life, but was caught in the current and was not able to recover.

He was a quiet man who loved the Lord, this Message, and the Bride of Christ, not only in his own country of Venezuela, but throughout the world. What a desire and passion he had to serve the people and see that they received the Message that God’s prophet brought to us. He was proud and felt honored to be a distributor and part of the Voice Of God Recordings team.

Venezuela was the first country in Latin America to accept the Message of Malachi 4:5. Our brother’s desire was for all the believers to have the opportunity to hear the Message, whether they lived in the capital city of Caracas or among the Amazon Indians deep in the jungle. Our brother went whenever and wherever he was invited to help those desiring to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to share what the Lord has done in our day through the Message of God’s prophet.

Since August 2005, our brother has stood, sometimes alone, for the Message of the hour and for the work of VGR. Though sometimes not popular, this Message was always his absolute.

Brother Ebrain was faithful to the end in his service to the Master.

God bless you, our dear friend. We will see you on the other Side.

The following video was taken a few years ago, when Brother Ebrain visited our office in Jeffersonville.