Wandering Soul

So how can you say it’s something you could do? It’s nothing you can do. It’s God’s love and grace to you, that you’re even here. Nothing you could do, God called you by His grace; you listened, heard, accepted.

57-0915e Hebrews, Chapter Seven #1

Whether you were born into the faith or you came through the most difficult of times, each of us is given an opportunity to give our hearts over to the Lord Jesus. This Zambian brother may wonder why his road was so rough, but he, like all of us, can trust that it was the foreordained plan of God. 

We received the following testimony from our Zambia office. 

Steven Bale was born in Preston Lancashire UK, he was baptized in a Catholic baptism at about five weeks old. At the age of 34 he sold an inheritance house for about 75,000 pounds, which was given to him after the death of his grandparents. The money from the sale drove him crazy into worldly activities, traveling around from country to country until he was bankrupt. He became a wanderer, searching for a normal life. In 2018 he relocated to Zambia, Africa to join his girlfriend whom he met online. They married last year in April, 2018. Whilst in Zambia he again got mixed up with wrong friends who had bad influence on him. The last experience he had before he met the Lord, was that his Zambian friends put liquor in a fruit drink without his consent. He got so drunk that he could not remember how he got back to his home.

The following morning, on the 5th of March 2019, Steven was in a dilemma about events that emerged his life. As he walked, wondering on these things he observed a “Voice Of God Recordings” sign post along a road called "Kapumpe," meaning Eagle. The writings on the bill board attracted him so much that he walked into the VGR office for an inquiry.

I welcomed him and walked him through the primary objective of Voice Of God Recordings, which is to further the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then he asked me, “Could you give me some material for a lost soul?” I looked at him as I pondered for an appropriate answer. Steve gave an emphasis to his question, saying he felt lost, stressed, and void. Therefore he asked me for material that he could read to give him hope. In my response I told him that he came to the right place, because every single piece of material in the office has answers of hope to a destitute soul. I picked few sermon titles for him, and I invited him to come back to listen to the voice in the books I gave him. Since then, Steven has been visiting the office every day and listening to the Messages from morning when the office opens, until office close time. He is happy that the Message has given him hope and that his life is not the same. He asked me why the Lord could only meet him after losing everything. I encouraged him, saying that this was the apportioned time of the Lord.

After just a few days of visiting the office, Steve asked for any material that he could distribute to the people in the streets of Lusaka. We gave him some local language materials, which he gladly distributed around the streets and people were happy to receive them.

The Lord has special ways of calling his children. During the last Quiet Time that fell on the birthday of the Prophet Brother Branham, Steven Bale was baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Steve has come to understand why he had to come to Africa. It was to meet the Lord, and he now has burning desire to share the Message with his people in England.

Maurice Phiri,

Zambia Office