He That Heareth My Voice

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

Revelation 3:20

From village to village and far into the African bush, the Malawi team continues to spread the Light of the Gospel. The latest report is from a weekend which brought 60 souls to the Lord Jesus, and 49 of those were in one tape service! Not only did we see the effects on the new believers, but we saw churches coming together under the one common ground that we all share: the voice of the seventh angel messenger, William Marrion Branham. 

I wish to report that I had a very successful tape outreach meeting over the weekend.

We went back to Machinga district and visited three more centers. A densely populated district, Machinga's current population is around 627,400. The district is mostly dominated by the Muslems, and the few churches that are in the district are divided on doctrinal issues.

It is needful for the Malawi VGR team to keep visiting this district and bring back the vindicated voice of the prophet, and encourage the people stay with the tape teaching.

We left Friday afternoon, April 15th. Our first destination was Matope. Darkness had already fallen when we arrived, however, that did not stop us from conducting a tape service.

As soon as we arrived the team started connecting the equipment, and in no time we were ready to go. People defied darkness and started flocking towards the light glowing from the bulbs surrounding the venue. Music blasting from the sound system added an aura of excitement. This is a very remote area, probably some of the people had never until then witnessed the beauty of electricity.

The area chief was also in attendance at this evening meeting and expressed his delightfulness.

Within a short time the crowd swelled and because it was already late, we went straight into tape service. We only played one tape, and thereafter baptized 49 people. It was almost midnight when the last person was being baptized. These people braved darkness and night chilling winds; it was heartening.

As we were winding up, our Honda generator suddenly fed a high voltage to our equipment; disturbing the mixer in the process, and affected the tweaters for the two speakers. This disturbed us, and we were devastated.

I had no way out but to drive back to Blantyre so that some technical hands could sort out the puzzle. When we got home, we decided to test the mixer and behold all was well but the tweaters. The devil wanted to disturb our joy in serving the Lord.

We carried on the following day, Saturday, April 16, at a place called Nafisi; we had two services and baptized 11 people. On Sunday we moved on to Mang'amba and 12 people were baptized.

The seed has been planted and God is doing the watering. In all the previous places we visited, the believers continue to baptize even more, long after we are gone. It is evident that the tape is having the desired effects.

Praise the Lord, we will work till Jesus Comes.

Bro. Saidi


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