From The Archives: Finland Pt 8

The following is part 8 of our series on the 1950 Publication HYVÄ SANOMA (Good Tidings), originally written in Finnish and now translated into English.

Note that this was the author’s recollection of Brother Branham’s sermon, and should not be considered a word-for-word transcription. It was taken from the author’s notes, translated into Finnish, and now translated from the Finnish back into English.

A greeting

to all my fellow believers in Finland

In May 7th, 1946, while I was in prayer, quieting down to wait for God, the Angel of the Lord appeared to me. He told me that I need to go to the nations of the world, for I will be given the gift of healing. The Angel said that if I would be sincere and get the people to believe what I tell them, and to respect God, and then nothing could stand against my prayers. But because of my insignificance I hesitated at that thought. With the help of God and by the support of His mercy, I went on. Leaving my church and family, I travelled in America from one city to another, and everywhere, large crowds got together. It seemed like we were reliving the days of the Bible. Many of those, which doctors had declared incurable, got healed. This seemed to jerk the churches and wake them up from sleepiness and their bounded state. When the faith had revived, I saw another miracle. I saw the body of Christ, the church, to unite and recover. In the church started to appear the incomparable way – love! (1 Cor. 13) We humbly thank our heavenly Father for this, who alone is the source of divine love.

Soon I started to receive invitations from other parts of the world, also from Finland, a country that God laid heavy on my heart. God then opened up a way through Brother Manninen, whom we met in America. It seemed like he had come to give me a personal invitation to visit his country. May God bless our dear brother and his fine people for the kindness they have shown for me and my party. I want to say that we are not sect minded, but appreciate all of them and work together with them all, who believe in the supernatural truths of the Bible even in our day. I have learned to love the brave people of small Finland. They have had to bear many sorrows. But its believers are in great value in the eyes of the Master. Finally we wish and pray that the little mission we now completed and finished would, with God’s help, bring His church the full possession of all His gifts – faith, love etc. – and bring the ministry of the early church in its former position. And that the great reformation that started with the influence of the great reformer, Martin Luther, and others, would put the ministry of angels, divine healing etc. that we so desperately need, in its former position.

And now I say goodbye, and like Paul, I leave you to God, who is powerful to keep you to His heavenly kingdom and give you the crown of life that won’t wither. And God, who has now with His supernatural power sent a time of visitation to America, its churches and universities, its preachers, may He give the time of visitation also to Finland that will last until the Master comes!


Picture right: A photographer has caught Branham behind the platform in Messuhalli, just before he is going in front of the audience of thousands of people.

The statements of priests of Helsinki on the actions of Branham in the meeting of priests on May 9th:

Rev. M Alaja:

“We all should have gone to listen to Branham and learn.”

Rev. V. Viro:

“We should have given Branham an opportunity to appear in our church.”

Rev. O. Päivänsalo:

“Branham’s appearance has decreased the value of the Bible.”

Dean J. Valtasaari:

“I did not expect that a priest in Helsinki would give a statement that we should have let Branham to appear in our church. With a whip would’ve Jesus cast him out.”

Article on the top left

THE DOCTORS IN OSLO hindering Branham’s ministry

A strong wave of protest has been directed now to the police of Oslo, who hindered Rev. Branham’s meeting campaign. A leading man of another denomination has underlined that all the Christians in Norway want to oppose together, with the Oslo Filadelfia church, such oppression of religion.

But not only free denominations are in common front, but also the church of the state of Norway is strongly defending these healing services. Deputy, vicar Christie Akerhus has asked in the question he left to the minister of justice: Isn’t the ban against Branham’s meetings against the freedom of religion in Norway?

The right hand press has for the first time published articles defending the healing services. One of the clergymen of Church of the State, Filip Rönneberg, writes in a uniquely intense article on how the whole Lutheran doctrine of Norway and the Church of the State defend healing with prayer and anointing with oil, both in common and privately. This article has been published in the biggest paper of the country called Aftenpost, and it has caused extraordinary attention.

There’s a nervous atmosphere when the matter has received such publicity. The authority responsible for this refuses to give any public statement, but ordinary people in Oslo basically think that Branham’s meetings should be kept free.

With great hopes they waited on Rev. Branham to arrive in Norway. Both healthy and sick people came from all parts of Norway, as well as from Sweden and Denmark. As great as was the anticipation of the meetings was the disappointment when they announced on the radio that Rev. Branham is not allowed pray for the sick. The board of medicine announced such activity as illegal. Later on the statement came back confirmed by the police.

The people waiting in the long line outside the Filadelfia church expressed their regret for the intervention, and they did not spare their criticism. Long before the meeting was supposed to start the big church was packed out. Rev. Baxter preached an exhorting and serious sermon on the supernatural that appears in Christianity, and how he once thought the supernatural phenomenon appearing the Bible was only symbolic. But after he had met Branham for the first time, he started to read his Bible like a Christian ought to read God’s holy Word.

Then came Rev. Branham escorted by his brother. All eyes were fixed onto this instrument of the Lord when he humbly and modestly came to preach. We understood that before us was a witness of the Lord, whose powers were given to the service of the Master. Only those closest to the platform could hear his voice.

“It makes me to ache,” he said, “that I can’t pray God for the sick, now that I have come here to serve you. But I understand that the authorities of Norway are against this and I submit under Norwegian law, as you must do if you are in America. I don’t think the police are against me praying one common prayer for all of you.” Rev. Branham exhorted the congregation to put their left hand on their heart and pray healing from the Lord. Most people followed his words, and we could both see and hear people in need devotedly praying God to help them. The American pastors made an excellent impression on all present. There was one common opinion: these were sent by God.

After Branham’s speech, Rev. Baxter stepped forward to speak especially to the unsaved. A large group of women and men made their decision to follow God by standing up while he prayed God for all of them.

Also here in Finland during the Branham meetings, the deputy left a question but the content was quite the opposite. The concerned person was an opponent to these meetings and would have wanted that the government would have denied them! Like that in Norway, like this in Finland!

We will post part 9 of our series – with Brother Kunnas’ own opinion of the meetings – on Monday of next week.