Gathering The Wheat

In 1988, the first books and tapes were sent from Jeffersonville to Bolivia for the only three known churches in the city of La Paz. Today, there are around 20 churches in the La Paz area, and many more in the rural areas. Even after 28 years of delivering the Word to the Bolivian people, distribution trips can be extremely difficult in that country. Bolivia is one of the most difficult regions to travel because of the diversity of climates, and the road system is considered one of the most dangerous in the world. Heavy rain, mudslides, and cold weather are dangers that the missionaries face as they pack the Word into the Bolivian mountains. 

Brother Juan Tarqui, VGR distributor, recently made one of these trips to the Highland area of La Paz. What the team found at their arrival is a testament to the work that has taken place over the last three decades.

Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

On Sunday, April 10, after a few hours of sorting and preparing the new material we had just received from Jeffersonville, we left downtown La Paz to go to the outskirts of the city. The plan was to visit a church of about 40 believers. It was a wonderful surprise to see as we arrived there, the local church was having a special baptismal service at a nearby river.

The church was baptizing 20 new believers. The presence of the Lord was so present that it was difficult to hold the tears from our eyes. Even after the service was finished, we could see the brothers and sisters touched by the precious atmosphere in the camp. The pastor told us that in 30 years of ministering he had never seen anything like this before.

This local church has a radio broadcast on Sunday morning to spread the Good News of the Message of the hour. Most of the current local congregation came to the knowledge of the Truth by this radio program. The pastor is particularly grateful to the VGR office as we helped to get this broadcast time on the radio station in those early years.

It was a tremendous time of fellowship with our brothers and sisters still casting the net on the highlands of Bolivia and bringing precious Seed of God to His storehouse.

God be with you!

Brother Juan Tarqui



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