Three Requests

7 If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

John 15:7

How wonderful are the Words of our Lord Jesus, when we are able to apply what He said to our own lives!

Three requests were put before the Lord in the following testimony from an Indian brother, and the Lord, by His Promise, honored those requests.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ, I have a testimony to share with you, which I have been thinking to share for last seven months. It may be strange that this is “a testimony” but for me it is burning in my heart to tell about the death of my father.

I was born in a Christian Orthodox denomination family. My entire family – father, mother, sisters and their families, relatives, neighbors – everybody belongs to denomination faith. My father was a Head Master of the Sunday school of that denomination. In 1998, I came to know about “The Message” and “The Messenger of the hour” in my college days, at the age of 18. I took baptism as per Acts 2:38. Since then my family was strongly against my belief.

Satan always tried to put me in troubles. I passed through a critical situation of my little boy, which I had shared the testimony in VGR in 2016 - The Miracle of Little John. But in every trouble, my Heavenly Father stood with me, defeated satan always, and showed His Amazing Grace to me.

On November 2018, my father (at the age of 71) was hospitalized due to bleeding while passing urine. He was a diabetic patient. After examination, the doctor recommended prostate surgery. On the day of surgery, before going to operating room, a debate was taking place in the hospital room about my faith. My father and mother strongly opposed my faith, and my father rebuked Brother Branham's message. Later he went for surgery.

On the second day after the surgery, he faced a heart attack and shifted to CCU (Cardiac Care Unit). His both kidneys failed, and he started dialysis every day. He got pneumonia and his condition became worse day by day. I placed the Message book "The Voice of God In This Last Days" under his pillow. I prayed, "God, I don’t want to lose this battle. I am following The True Word of God vindicated by the Pillar of Fire. Hence this case should not be a normal one, just like other unbelievers’ cases in the world. My God has to do something and let my family see that. God, I agree that there is a death for every human being. Hence I am not against the will of God. But in this case, please don’t let him die in the hospital. Let him to see his three children (me and my two sisters, one sister was in the United Arab Emirates) and six 6 grandchildren, and die in our home. God, please speak to my father before he leaves this world."

I prayed to God with tears; my brothers prayed. One day, I entered in CCU to see my father. I prayed in the name of Lord Jesus Christ and told him about the Acts 19 prayer cloth that I received from VGR, and asked to pin it on his shirt. He agreed.

The miracles started. He started to recover. On the fifth day, my younger sister entered in CCU to see him. That day he said to my sister about me, "Anil's faith is correct. His prayer is sincere. Don't make fun of his faith. When he prays, I feel good consolation. Tell mother not to ridicule his faith. It was a big mistake when we questioned and ridiculed his faith on the day of surgery.”

Gradually he recovered and was discharged from hospital. The “Voice of God” started to sound in my home. I played the tapes whenever I got time. In July 2019, my elder sister and family came home from UAE for vacation and spent some days with father. On 20th August 2019, 11.00 p.m., I went to my father's room and lay down with him in his bed, on his right side. I played the message "Who is this Melchisedec" from my Agapao tablet using a headset. I used the right earbud in my right ear and the left earbud in my father's left ear. We started from paragraph 91. When paragraph 128 came, I felt something flowing to my left hand. I jumped up from the bed, switched on light, and saw that dark greenish blood was coming out from his mouth. I called my wife and my mother. We realized that he was gone from this world.

My father didn’t hear any worldly sounds, any denominational sound, any human being sound, but The Voice of God when he passed away from earth. And I realized that God granted my third and final request, that he pass at home. My God is great. He heard my three requests. My father got a great death by hearing The Voice of God. Paragraph 128 says,

"And he heard a wild man out of the wilderness, saying, “That Messiah is standing among you now!” That big eagle that raised up over in the wilderness and flew over there, said, “The Messiah is among you right now. We don’t know Him yet, but He is standing among you. I’ll know Him, because I’ll see a sign coming from Heaven.”

65-0221E - Who Is This Melchisedec?

Your brother in Christ,

Anil K.M. Cochin, Kerala State, India