What A Difference

It’s a time that believers all around the world step away from every distraction to commune with the Lord Jesus; we call it Quiet Time. The difference this has made in thousands of lives ripples throughout the world in God’s people.

In today’s world, many youths are concerned with the next pop star, big-screen movie, TV show, or gossip magazines; but God's children are concerned with drawing closer to the Lord Jesus. This young sister was concerned with one thing: not missing her special hour with one particular Person. The following is a report from Brother Maurice Phiri, Zambia office manager.

It’s amazing how Quiet Time has positively impacted the lives of many young Christians in my country.

Last Sunday afternoon, a 24-year-old sister, Deborah Kaposhi, was walking from church and was hit by a truck’s side mirror and lost consciousness. She was rushed to hospital and admitted for treatment. She bled from the nose and ears, but now she is getting better.

My wife and I went to see her on Monday afternoon, where we found her sleeping. So, we waited a bit and then we decided to pray for her before leaving. At the end of prayer, she woke up and looked at me and asked, “Uncle Mo, when is the next Quiet Time?” I answered that it is this coming Saturday. She asked again, “Where will it be?” I answered that it will be at the office.

Before we had the chance to visit her in the hospital, Sis Loveness (a local sister) had gone there earlier and the girl asked her the same question. Then later I heard that she has been asking many other believers the same question.

I received a testimony from the young girl from my follow up who asked about Quiet time whilst in hospital:

The reason I was talking about Quiet Time is that I enjoy just the word "quiet" itself, and to be quiet before GOD. I must confess that each month I come for Quiet Time, or each time I go quiet before GOD, it gives me joy and I have that inner peace. I would like to say thank you for the support, I have benefited a lot. - Sister Deborah

To me, it was a sure evidence that Quiet Time has had a positive impact on her life.

Thank you,

Brother Maurice

VGR Zambia