The Greatest Weapon

So then I go in over there, and so Brother Evans he goes in and he gets him something to eat and parks his car out there. When he comes out (with all of his clothes) and family and all of them, he didn't have no car or nothing. It was all gone. Well, poor fellow, Brother Evans is a man like all of us, he has a little business down there, he works on cars, buys wrecks and fixes them up. He's a poor man, and spends his money coming up here ’cause he believes in this type of Gospel. I'm praying that God will send them a messenger down there somewhere, to help them down in that country.

Now, Brother Evans come up, so he didn't know what to do. He had notified police and they couldn't find it. So he come over home, he and Brother Fred and them, we set in the room and talked about it. I said, “Now…” That's the way we do, we set in the room, find out what takes place, and then we go to God. So when we asked the Lord, “To turn the man that had the car, turn him around and send him back, wherever he was.”

Usually they run them down around Bowling Green or somewhere, get them right out of the hot spot here, you see, so they could…till they get them repainted and fixed up. This was a nice car, I think station wagon. Was that right, Brother Evans? It was a—a station wagon.

So, and so what happened, we got down and prayed. And the—the Lord give us witness, it was all all right, everything fine. So then the power of the Lord came in with us. Brother Evans goes out and starts out, led to go down a certain way.

He come back right here in Jeffersonville. The car was stole in Louisville; here set his car sitting there with just about enough gasoline to take it…oh, out of it, to have took it down to about pretty near Bowling Green and come back. They got out of the car, stopped the car, left the key in it, just walked away and left it setting there, right here in Jeffersonville where he could find it; not Louisville, over here in Jeff., brought it all the way back.

You know, the Lord can make birds obey Him, He can make men obey Him, He can make His enemy obey Him. He…Yes, sir, He's God. Here set his car with not one thing gone, just about a half a tank of gasoline where he had almost got to Bowling Green, and the Holy Spirit must have said, “Turn around! Get on back there and take that car to Jeffersonville. Set it right here on the street, and park it right here, ( ’cause I'm going to send him right around this way and up this way to find it).” Is that right, Brother Welch? That right. See.

61-0108 Revelation Chapter Four #3

How many of us can see ourselves in the Bible? We read the stories and so many of them apply directly to our lives. If Brother Branham's Message was given in the same Spirit of the Bible, then we can also apply many of his testimonies to our situation. A precious possession belonging to this brother was stolen, and he did the same thing that happened to another family almost 60 years earlier. Here is a familar testimony, but with a different name and a different country. 

I was working during the nighttime, and I went to a place to buy a hotdog for my dinner. I parked the car within 20 feet from the stand where they were selling hotdogs, and I did not lock the car doors while I waited for the meal to get ready.

Suddenly, a man opened the car door and pulled out the iPod that was plugged into the radio. When I got back in the car, I did not find the iPod, but only the cable. I asked if someone saw a person that opened the door of my car. No one mentioned that they saw anything. It happened that fast. I was so distraught.

Leaving this place, I returned back to work, knelt down and prayed, “Lord in this iPod there is only your Word, and this man does not know the importance of it to me. Touch his heart, and please return my iPod in Jesus Name.”

The next day, when I returned there for my supper, I found the man waiting for me with the iPod in his hand, waiting to return it to me.

Blessed be the Lord.

God bless you all.

Brother Raimundo