Distribution Trip - Venezuela

Brother Ebrain Tona, VGR office manager in Venezuela, continues to cast the spiritual net in his country, hoping to catch a few fish and encourage those to stand strong in the Faith. The VGR office in Venezuela serves around 300 churches, and more than 15,000 believers.

Here is Brother Tona’s latest report on his distribution trip to Carabobo, where a group of local believers came together to feast on the Spoken Word and break down a few walls that had built up.

Carabobo State is in the northern part of our country, Venezuela. Geographically, it is two hours away from the capital city of Caracas, and 207 kilometers (128.62 miles) away from Barquisimeto (2 hours and 30 minutes), which is where the VGR office is located.

I traveled on Friday afternoon to make preparations for the event. I talked to the leaders (about 11 pastors) on where to have a meeting, to give them the material we received in the Venezuela VGR office. These materials were “A Prophet Visits South Africa” and “Hebrews.” I also had in the truck, material like photos, MP3 discs, videos, t-shirts and so forth, which would be to their benefit. The truck was full of material for the different groups out there. Also, I had my computer, the video beam, and a projector screen to project the videos about the Work around the world and for their surprise, I had the subtitle program that’s has been developed.

By God’s mercy to us, I had a little box with 200 Micro SD cards that contained the Message in audio and PDF, videos, photos, and some programs with the purpose that each believer who receives a card has the Message in its entire splendor. I received these additional Micro SD cards, because 1,500 micro SD are yet retained at Customs, and we are still praying for them to be released.

It is important to point out that the most of groups in this place are dedicated to having their services under the tape ministry. They have listened to the Tapes for many years, and they are pioneers in listening God’s Voice through the prophet William Branham in Venezuela.

On Saturday, there was a great expectation while people arrived at the place. At 3:00 pm, we had congregational singing and then special singing. There was a good atmosphere in anticipation of what was coming.

Eleven pastors, and 250 people attended our invitation. A group of children had a big banner that had written “Only Believe." They made a presentation and to our surprise, they brought their Jesus’ Jars to support the missionary work. That made a great impact on the participants of the meeting, because they were amazed about the fact that kids also took a little part of what “Catch the Vision” is.

Some children said words like, “This is my Jesus’ Jar to help the missionary work." Others said, “This is my Jesus’ Jar to help kids to know Jesus, as I know Him." Their participation blessed the meeting in a simple, but Glorious way.

The sun was going down and I talked to the people about the work VGR does around the world, and then I projected the Subtitle, which was a great emotion to the people. The Message left a mark on their hearts as the minutes were passing by. The Voice was not a strange one, but the way of projecting the Message, and this new project had an immediate acceptance. Everyone was attracted by the Message, and the presence of the Lord was among the people.

On Sunday morning, we had a tape service, we listened to “Discernment of Spirit”, and it was an answer from God to a group of brothers that had worries about some things that were happening among them, along with some problems they were facing. The Message talked to them about what they should do, and how to proceed. When the services were over, we had a prayer, and then all brothers from different places shook hands with others, and they all were happy for having the opportunity of having fellowship those two days.

Ebrain Tona

VGR Office Manager, Venezuela