Childlike Faith

Many time, people think they have to have some supernatural faith, to be a believer. It isn’t. The hyssop speaks for that, just common weeds that you could get it anywhere, pick it up, dip it in the blood, and apply the blood. The Blood, tonight, is applied by simple faith. Just not nothing supernatural; it’s right around you, everywhere. Just simply, like a child, reach out and get a hold of it, and apply the Blood. The hyssop is just a simple child-like faith, for the believer. It isn’t something out of your reach. You don’t have to reach very far to get it.

64-0208 The Token

Sometimes it takes the faith of a child to show us that the Kingdom of God is within us, and all we have to do is reach out and grab it. The following testimony is from a family in Zambia that came to visit their gravely ill grandmother. One of the children prayed the prayer of faith, and God answered!

Two years ago, during the summer school holidays, my two boys Emmanuel and Chipego wanted to visit my mother for a week. Mom was suffering from double stroke which had left her bed ridden for over four years. Chipego, my youngest son, was five years old then and was so excited to go and see his grandmother.

We arrived in the evening, and my boys rushed to the bedroom where mom was. Their excitement and expectations were cut short because mum was in a bad shape. She was motionless, could not speak, unable to recognize us and she was just looking in one direction.

My boys and l were speechless and scared for her life. When it was bed time, Chipego requested to pray. His prayer was so simple and he was like talking to someone physically present. It was like this,

"Dear Jesus, thank you for granting us travelling mercies. You know that I love granny but she scared me today. I wanted to talk to her but she could not and was just looking in one direction. I am asking for one thing dear Jesus. I want granny to see me, greet me and talk to me tomorrow morning. In Jesus' Name, Amen."

The following morning, he woke up early and told us to follow him as he headed towards mom's bedroom. We found mom awake and as she turned, she recognized Chipego and called his name. She greeted him and pulled his hand for a hug. My boy jumped shouting, "Have you seen? I asked Jesus, yes I asked Jesus!" We were so happy and we were hugging each other.

Dad came back rushing only to find mom holding Chipego. Dad explained that, it was the first time in several months for mom to talk and move her body. We enjoyed the fellowship the whole week we spent with them.

Sister Fidelis