Acandi is a town situated in the northwest part of Colombia, bordering the Caribbean Sea. We estimate there are around 38 believing families in and around the surrounding areas.

The VGR team traveled from the office in Medellin, north, to the coastal area and jungles with Message supplies in hand. Among some of their amazing finds was a little group of God’s children who had been holding on to a single Message book for 18 years. God surely honored their stand, and the brothers brought announcement to them that brought joy in the camp.

Friday March 4th, 2017

We visited an area called Labatatilla. We traveled in motorbike for 50 minutes, crossing six rivers with no bridges; it was a very difficult way. We finally arrived and the brothers received us and gave us coconut water to drink. They were so happy to receive us, and we were happy to visit them.

We went back to Acandi at 4pm and we had a tape service using the Subtitle program. We heard “God is His Own Interpreter.” It was a blessing for everyone. We gave them the greetings that Brother Joseph, Brother Billy, and brother Michael sent and their spirit rejoiced when they knew that the Lord inspired brother Joseph for us to visit them.

Saturday March 5th, 2017

We visited another area called Alto Guatí. We took the same way we did the day before, and a man that was in a tree called Brother Manuel Chaverra (the minister of that place) to talk to him for a while. Brother Manuel told us that this man asked him why we were walking the same way we walked the day before, with the same people. He asked him who we are and Brother Manuel told him that we are ministers and we were visiting our brothers. This man is a paramilitary spy and he told Brother Manuel that if he was responsible for us, we could continue our trip. Then we found a rocky way which would lead us to Alto Guatí.

We arrived and we visited the house of Brother Juan and his wife. There is no electricity in this community and they all have wood houses (wood is from the jungle). They have a solar panel and they turn their blender on with the poor voltage they accumulate. Brother Juan says that they can finish a fruit juice in 4 hours, but if there is no sunlight enough, they can’t drink one.

He has two little girls and they were watching the CC videos of Happy and Gramps on a cell phone. They received the videos via WhatsApp and we were so satisfied to know that they can receive the VGR information in the midst of the jungle, having no electricity at home. The sister charges this cell when she visits town for services and she updates the messages and receives the Quote of the Day by WhatsApp. She can’t do it in winter because they can’t cross rivers. The Lord is greater than any circumstance... He gives strength and He encourages His children wherever they are, regardless in the deepest of the dangerous jungle.

We were in town at 4 pm and we got ready to the night service. We heard the message “A Total Deliverance” and it was a blessing to use the Subtitle that night. What a blessing and happiness it is to hear the prophet Elijah! The end of the service was so supernatural, raised hands, healing in bodies and souls, sorrowful hearts, tears in the middle of praising… their faces reflected that they received a true deliverance.

Sunday March 6th, 2017

At 7am we had the service and we heard “The Seed is not Heir With The Shuck.” Service is so early because of weather. At noon it’s near 40ºC in shade, it’s a tropical wet weather. We heard this message and we were so blessed; the Lord descended to each receptive heart. We had a live reading in these services because of many old brothers, some couldn’t read and some can hardly do it. The Lord helped brother Ariel, He anointed him in such a way to read the message as the prophet spoke, so those who were hearing brother Ariel’s reading could catch the spirit that the prophet had.

It was the surprise day. We asked the minister how many were really using the microSD cards a day before the service. He gave us a list and we checked it, we tested the tablets and marked them for those who will receive them.

We told them that God really loved that place and His children that have been loyal, remaining in the Word with only one book for 18 years regardless of people in town making fun of the sisters, calling them “polleronas” (long skirts). We said that the Lord inspired Brother Joseph to choose that city as the first one in the world that will receive the Agapao Tablet, the last product of VGR. Everyone began to applaud and they were so surprised, brother Gustavo knew this in that same place. We gave the tablet to brother Gustavo, Brother Manuel, and 13 brothers of the congregation. Those who didn’t receive it asked when they would receive their own, and we told them that it would be soon. It was a joyful and anxious moment.

Brother Gustavo said that the vision of what the Lord is demanding the Bride to do should be understood, because the tapes would reach the predestinated seed. He thanked us and persuaded others to use and value what they had at hands, because there is no excuse to avoid hearing the Message with the unique anointment that Brother Branham has.

We explained to them the tablet characteristics and how to use it, that they can’t use an internet browser, and we explained to them that the software was not created by Samsung, Toshiba, or Hitachi, but it was created by the hands of God's children. Jubilee was bubbling over! We told them that this project began six or seven years ago and the last year was dedicated to testing the tablet around the world to find a perfect product with the best program to give to God’s children.