A Little Encouragement

Have you been receiving your texts and emails from VGR? These little bits of encouragement go worldwide to the Bride of Christ to encourage each of us in our walk with the Lord Jesus.  It could be a quote from Brother Branham, a scripture verse, or personal greeting that arrives just at the time when we need it most.

I just wanted to share a small testimony how God led me to do the right thing. Was it coincidence? I think not!

Friday afternoon I was in town doing some shopping. I pulled my suburban up beside a very small car. As I opened my door, the wind grabbed it and slammed it into the little car’s mirror. The plastic casing on the mirror split wide open! My heart just plummeted, because I didn't want to have to pay for this. I got out and tried to pop the mirror casing back together and it worked. There was only a slight scuff on the edge of the plastic.

I got into my truck and went to park elsewhere and proceeded to do my shopping. I left that store after 20min, and went to do other things in town. It plagued my conscience the entire time, but I didn't want to have to pay for this if it was broken. As I was going over this in my mind, my phone received a text. I opened up my phone and it was a text from Brother Joseph.

"Don't leave one thing undone.” Included was a link to a quote from Brother Branham saying, Don't leave one thing undone. Be deeply and sincere. Lay every sin and everything aside. Look straight in the face of God and ask the question, "Lord, do I please You? What else could I do, Lord Jesus? I'll never have the opportunity no more, after this life is over, to serve You. This is the only time I have. Lord God, only let me know what You want to do! If I should go do this or I should do that, I'd gladly do it." 63-0724

I put my phone down and said, "Yes Lord, forgive me." I drove straight to where that car was parked and left a note with my information, and what had happened. I am so thankful The Lord spoke to me and helped me do what was right!

Sister Amber


When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is to pray. This particular day I woke up very late and rushed to get the children to school, and I didn't pray. I prepared breakfast for my children, got them ready, and sent them on their way on the bus. After that, I started my day with my normal work and preparation. 

When I was sweeping, I remembered, "Oh, I didn't pray and my day is passing by." What a surprise when I checked my email! There was a short text, "Did you remember to speak to Him today?" I almost fainted; I knew God was speaking to me.

Brothers, this text has been a huge blessing to me and they show me that God's special eyes are looking at me, and I believe I will fall on my knees before I start my daily life from this day on.

This new website has been a blessing to me. Blessings.

Sister Luzayda Pizo

Cali, Colombia

If you would like to sign up for emails and text from Brother Joseph, you can do so at this page on branham.org.