India’s Patriarch

We appreciate those battle-scarred veterans who have held true to the calling in their life, Brother Swamy is one of those brothers who has done just that. In a country where 93% of the population practices Hindu or Islam, Brother Swamy has been a shining light for the old rugged cross in India for the last 50 years.

We received this testimony from our Indian office:

Now, the honey represented brotherly love, brotherly kindness, which is this age. I just got through telling, see, of brotherly kindness, the age that we live in now.

62-1104M Blasphemous Names

Brother Joel Paramanandam, VGR office manager in India, always had in this heart to meet an old patriarch in Chennai. Finally at God's time, this week Brother Joel met Brother Swamy.

Brother Joel Paramanandam, Brother Swamy, and Brother Ganasekaran

At 94 years of age, Brother Swamy was one of the first to accept Brother Branham's Message in India. He set up a church at Madras in the year 1965 and has shepherded the church there all these years. The old patriarch still remembers vividly his past trip to Jeffersonville and the believers he met there.

As the brothers exchanged testimonies, it was clear that for this battle-scarred veteran, even at his age, hadn't diminished his zeal for this Message one bit.

Jonathan Thirithuvathas

VGR India