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Hello, my name is Joshua, and I live here in the United States. Brother Branham mentions in the Message how education has hindered the Gospel by such scientific reasoning and how we were the ones who needed the missionaries. Well, I came face to face with the theologians of this country that Brother Branham described would tie you up in knots. This was not out amongst the world, but right in our own family.

As the years grew on, my older sibling began to grow cold and draw away from the Message, and turn to the more charismatic teachings of this modern day. I was always around the Message (not knowing it was the Message), but never in it. As far as I can remember, the first time I heard Brother Branham's name was at the age of 15. I was shown all the so-called discrepancies, the alleged lies, and the deception that Brother Branham had deceived the people.

After hearing all of this, I walked away, because at the time I did not understand. Yet deep down in my heart, I wondered what had happened to my older sibling, who was somebody who years before was so stable and strong in God's Word. I never gave it much more thought at that point, except I did wonder, who is William Branham?

At the age of 18, I had been going to college and receiving the indoctrination of this world, when something began calling to my heart very strongly and sincerely about wanting to know God. I asked around and ended up in a youth organization through the college, but when I showed up the women dressed all like the world, tight clothes, showing off their bodies, the young men would be chasing them around more than we spent on the Word of God.

However this deep desire was still growing and growing, pulling and drawing me deeper. In the fall of that year, I had a terrible car accident where I ended up slamming into the underside of a pickup truck with my small car and totaling my vehicle. What was unusual is that my airbag never deployed, causing me to slam into the steering wheel at a speed of 50 mph to 0 in an instant.

At that speed, my seatbelt broke off the hinges but did not eject me. I found myself wedged underneath a truck with a metal bumper inches away. I KNEW then that something supernatural had to be watching over me because I walked away without a scratch. I began testifying of my story, of how I believed angels had protected me that day to my so-called friends in this Christian youth organization, but no one cared to listen.

At the time I did have a girlfriend who was part of the youth group, and she listened and cared deeply for what I had to say, but that all would change soon. A few weeks later winter was already starting, and I had gotten very sick with an infection. My dad laid the Church Age Book on my nightstand to read. It was an old book with a worn cover, so the writing on the front was barely visible. However, I was so sick that I could not read, and instead, I would have my mother and dad come read to me scriptures about Christ.

Up to this point, I did not know about Divine Healing and the wonderful ministry that the Lord Jesus Christ worked through Brother Branham. The Lord did see me through the sickness and saw that I was healed. My dad encouraged me to read the Seven Church Ages, so I began to read it. I was so fresh and new to Christianity that when Brother Branham started from the Book of Revelation, I did not even know that this was a Book based upon the scriptures, or had anything to do with God. About 20 pages in, I realized this when he began to reveal the Serpent Seed in the beginning. I was so astonished and amazed at the clarity and depth he went into to explain what happened in the beginning. I went with excitement to my dad, and together we began to study the seven church ages, each night going over what I had read that day.

Mind you, I did not know Brother Branham is the one teaching this. There was truth, there was life in these books that opened Scripture to me as nothing else had ever done. My soul was becoming more and more thirsty for this Word. Not too shortly after, our winter break from school was over, and I was back in classes again. I tried showing my friends at the time this book and what was in here, about the Truth of the Scripture. More and more people began to draw away from me and isolate me, because I wasn't believing just like they were now. My girlfriend began to see the change in me on the Scriptures as well, and that I didn't agree with the leaders of the youth group, which created a divisiion between us and eventually led us to go our seperate ways. 

I did not boast or argue, only show Scripture that was eye opening to me! I began testifying at the college, and not long after all my friends distanced from me. I read where this would happen, and I thanked the Lord I was counted able to be forsaken and turned away.

My dad then introduced to me a sacred picture, the picture of the Pillar of Fire hanging over Brother Branham. In amazement I looked and I talked with him about what I had heard before about him. One thing I learned is that I should not judge a man before I first hear him out. I listened to the tapes, and I heard the love and sincerity in his heart for the people.

I didn't see what my older sibling told me about Brother Branham, instead I heard a man loving the people who needed to change their ways. I am 22 this year and praise the Lord, I am thankful for this Message that God has brought us. It is my Light and salvation.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you have done, there is so much more to tell!

I love you!

Brother Joshua


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